Be with me forever?

Ally's Mum passed away and her dad did a year later so she was forced to live with her Anutie Patrica,She was excided to be living with her anutie and her Favorite cousin Zayn Malik,yes Zayn Malik is my cousin,She loved him very much but when she moves in with her Anutie she has to move to zayns school, She has too leave her friends and her boyfriend Jerry. That was the only part she hated, But when she sees a familiar face at her new school Horrible memories will come back rushing through her and Zayn will fimd out about her past and so will everyone else In the school, Reaqd to find out what happens To her----Hope you guys like it and happy New years!!!!! :)


12. Wrist .

Niall's p.o.v.

I ran home and I went upstairs so Greg (my brother) Wouldn't hear me come home , I opened the door to my room looking at all the memories on my walls. I see a picture of Ally , Her smile is so beautiful . I went to my bed took the picture with me and sobbed tears falling down my face making me realize how special she is to me . I look at the ceiling until my eyelids can't hold up anylonger and fall to sleep.


Allys p.o.v.

What did I do to deserve this ? I liked Austin so much but Niall .. when we kissed I felt fire works .. No Ally just shut up . You don't like him , he's your cousins best friend/ band mate it would be akward if we liked each other. Why do I have to be in this situation why does this have to be so hard on me ?! I feel like I'm in the twilight zone between Austin and Niall .. I grabbed my phone and listened to Colorblind by Counting Crows . Gosh I'm just like those girls in the movie crying about boys eating ice cream out of the carten . After I grab the razor and gently glide it across my wrist 2 to 5 times . Blood splattering everywhere from the cuts its so bad like pure hell . I decided to find all my sweaters that I could possible find and cop off my long hair up to boobish length . I  diy my hair red/purple kinda like Ariana Grande's . I think I know what people will say " Wtf why'd she diy her hair ?"  But it's my decision .

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