Be with me forever?

Ally's Mum passed away and her dad did a year later so she was forced to live with her Anutie Patrica,She was excided to be living with her anutie and her Favorite cousin Zayn Malik,yes Zayn Malik is my cousin,She loved him very much but when she moves in with her Anutie she has to move to zayns school, She has too leave her friends and her boyfriend Jerry. That was the only part she hated, But when she sees a familiar face at her new school Horrible memories will come back rushing through her and Zayn will fimd out about her past and so will everyone else In the school, Reaqd to find out what happens To her----Hope you guys like it and happy New years!!!!! :)


6. New friends and possible a we boyfriend

Well Stevan led us to the office I told him to wait for me and he did as soon as I came out of the office the boys followed because they didn't know where to go. "Hey um Ally we're do we go?" "Um I don't know?" "The seniors hall is that one over there and the juniors are at this hall so if you ever need Ally she'll be in that hall!" "Okay thanks Stevan see you guys at lunch" "Okay bye" we both said as they left then Stevan quickly snatched the time table out of my hands and he yelled "Yay!" I looked at him confused then he says "Oh it's cause we have the same classes together and I mean all of them!" "Oh okay that's great com'on let's go before we're late!" I say then we quickly run to our first class and we were 2min late I saw everybody lookin at me and one girl gave me a dirty look that must be his girlfriend,Shit he has a girlfriend well my chances are over with him ;( oh well whatever, "Stevan this must be our new student?!" "Yes this is our new student Ally Malik!" "Oh well hello Mrs.Malik, you can take a seat were ever you would like!" Said Mr.Wilburt."Okay thank you Mr.Wilburt!" I went to go find a seat an there were 2 empty seats next to each other and me and Stevan sat there,there was a girl next to me and said "Oh my gosh are you related too Zayn Malik?!" "Um ya why?" I didn't have to ask why I already new what she was going to say "Oh can you like tell him I said hi and my name is Candy by the way" "oh hi and will"
"Okay thanks its just that I'm a huge directioner!" "Ya I get it!" The first period was good cant wait for the others!~~~~I'm going to be skipping the 2,3,4,5 periods but lunch will happen right after 4 period and ya so ya -Heyboobear~~~~~~<
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