Be with me forever?

Ally's Mum passed away and her dad did a year later so she was forced to live with her Anutie Patrica,She was excided to be living with her anutie and her Favorite cousin Zayn Malik,yes Zayn Malik is my cousin,She loved him very much but when she moves in with her Anutie she has to move to zayns school, She has too leave her friends and her boyfriend Jerry. That was the only part she hated, But when she sees a familiar face at her new school Horrible memories will come back rushing through her and Zayn will fimd out about her past and so will everyone else In the school, Reaqd to find out what happens To her----Hope you guys like it and happy New years!!!!! :)


1. My last day at school

My last day at my old school went not so good all of my friends were crying and they didn't want to say good bye to me and I didn't want to either. I felt tears coming down my face when the bell rang to go home i cleaned out my locker and when i was about to leave someone stopped and Pulled my arm, I freaked out, Only a little bit,

"Hey babe, so your gonna leave and not say good bye to your boyfriend?"

"I was going to find you but i got a text from my cousin that he is here and that i need to hurry"

"oh okay but Before you leave remember this!"

"Remember Wha-" I felt his soft lips press against mine and then someone said loudly "GET A ROOM YOU TOO!" I stopped and thought to myself that voice sounds familiar!

"Hey i guess my cousin is here!" 

"how do you kno-" "Trust me i would notice his voice from anywhere."

"Hey um i need to tell you something"

"Ya sure what is it?!"

"Since your moving i think that we should split, because i don't think long distance is going to work between us"

"Well i agree but its going to hurt a little,Well Bye Jerry i have to go still friends?"

"Still friends" He said as i hugged him and then kissed him on the cheek for good old times. I see my cousin Zayn standing there waiting he spreads his arms out for a hug from me, i just walk past him and wait for him to open the door.

"Awe What no hug?"

"Sorry Zayn but I'm not in the mood for it right now"I said.

"If you give me a hug i will open the door!"

"Fine... But then can we go?"

"Yes we can" I went to go hug him i felt his warmth i missed him so much he was like the brother i never had and he would get me through stuff that was like you know girl stuff.

" Okay you can let go now" he said. We both laughed.

"So who is that boy you were kissing in the hallway huh?"

"That's my Ex-Boyfriend" i said with my eyes watering up.

"Why is he your Ex?" he said while we were half way there.

"Well he said we should brake up because of long distance and i agreed with him on that be he was my first boyfriend we've been together since 6th grade, we've dated for 6 years and we finally broke up its to hard to talk about right now do you mind?"

"Not at all"he said. 

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