Be with me forever?

Ally's Mum passed away and her dad did a year later so she was forced to live with her Anutie Patrica,She was excided to be living with her anutie and her Favorite cousin Zayn Malik,yes Zayn Malik is my cousin,She loved him very much but when she moves in with her Anutie she has to move to zayns school, She has too leave her friends and her boyfriend Jerry. That was the only part she hated, But when she sees a familiar face at her new school Horrible memories will come back rushing through her and Zayn will fimd out about her past and so will everyone else In the school, Reaqd to find out what happens To her----Hope you guys like it and happy New years!!!!! :)


5. Finally School

We went Inside the car to go to school it was 7:00 when we left and then the song WMYB came on and I started to sing softley with the boys until zayn cut off the music and decided to let me sing the rest of his part, until I noticed and quickly hid my face in my hands and they all laughed at me. Well great way to impress them I thought to myself. And that's when I looked out of the window and saw that we were here I was happy but had. Butterfly's in my stomach. "Okay so we're here guys try to not make it noticeable that were one direction okay? Also we all have to stick with Ally because we need to take care if he I don't want any douche bag dating her, like the one she dated what's his name oh ya Jerry." "Wait zayn just because I broke up with him doesn't make him a douche bag he was really special to me and it didn't work out because long distance!" I say to him with tears in my eyes, but I held them back and got out of the car, as soon as I got out of the car I walked into someone making them drop there books "Oh my go-!" "It's okay I got it." "No let me help you!" I say as I pick all of his stuff off the floor. "Hi I'm Stevan and you are?" "Hi I'm Ally I'm new here um can you show me too the office?" I said looking into his blue-ish green-ish eyes gosh he was so handsome and so prefect I had to know if he had a girl friend ASAP! "Uh ya sure here come on!" "Well ok-" "Hey Ally wait for us!" Said zayn great he was going to embarrass me in front of this dude well ok thanks zayn! Ughhhh. "Ally who is he?" Zayn said looking at Stevan. "Oh um Stevan this is my cousin zayn and his friends, Zayn and friends meet Stevan he is going to how me too the office" "Oh can we come too?" "Sure, but wait aren't you One direction?" Said Stevan "Hahaha ya they are One Direction" "hahaha ok well I better lead you guys too the office you guys don't want to be late on your first day do you?" "No we don't let's go!" I said as we followed Stevan
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