Be with me forever?

Ally's Mum passed away and her dad did a year later so she was forced to live with her Anutie Patrica,She was excided to be living with her anutie and her Favorite cousin Zayn Malik,yes Zayn Malik is my cousin,She loved him very much but when she moves in with her Anutie she has to move to zayns school, She has too leave her friends and her boyfriend Jerry. That was the only part she hated, But when she sees a familiar face at her new school Horrible memories will come back rushing through her and Zayn will fimd out about her past and so will everyone else In the school, Reaqd to find out what happens To her----Hope you guys like it and happy New years!!!!! :)


10. Everything gone wrong

  It was time to go to Ice skating with The Handsome Austin Mahone, and I was wearing A mint green Pastel color,long sleve with high waisted shorts and my hair in a cute messy bun, and my shoes were white converse. Yes, Simple But Effective and of course i will be nervous and probably oh who am i kidding i WILL fall on my butt alot!!!


*Knock Knock*

I open the door and am greeted by a Happy Smiling Austin

"Hi your looking beautiful today"

"Hi and Really? Thanks"

"Yeah and your welcome beautiful"

"Ahaha thanks.."

"Well I think we should get going shouldnt we?"

"Ah yes we should"


We arived at the Skating Rink and I-I Can't skate so hopefully I donn't make a fool out of myself today!

We bought our shoes and I didn't know how to put them on so i Asked Austin and he did wow.. He's so cute!!

"Well your all set Ally"

"Huh? What? Oh yeah so um lets go skate then"

"Okay, do you know how to?"

"Phhhhhhhfffffff Oh Course i've been skating for years"

"Aha okay "

We went out on the skating rink. I almost fell but got my balence and Austin already knew i couldnt cause he thought when i got on the ice , So finally he showed me how to skate so i went to the middle , thinking i could skate


"Oh um sorry love i didnt see you you ther- Allly?"


:Who are you he-"

"Hey Allly you okay?"

"Yeah um Austin, meet Niall."


"Oh um hi Niall.."

"Wait you guys know each other ?"


"Well bye baby" Niall said as he kissed me on the cheek

"Um bye?" i said as i went to go sit down, i was confused why would he do that.. oh no Austins coming this way..

"So you already have a boyfriend?"


"Why didnt you tell me?"

"Austin please lis-"

"No Ally, I'm sorry just please don't talk to me or text me bye."

"Austin...." I said as i fell on the floor crying with all of my tears. I can't believe niall would do that to me. Austin meant alot to me and how could niall do that. I just lost Austin. I'll get Niall back mark my words. I will.

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