I will survive?!

What happens when your parents don't know you had a boyfriend for many months and want to marry him. And something happens unexpectedly, Can you stay with your Boyfriend or will your mate find the way into your heart?


2. two


Chapter two


We said nothing to each other. Logan kept an eye on the road and I had just turned on the radio, they played a song I knew. The name of the song is; you say it best when you say nothing at all by Ronan Keaton. 


It's amazing how you-can speak right to my heart 

Without Saying a Word you can light up the dark 

Try as I may I can never explain 

What I Hear When You Do not Say a thing 


"Why can't we wait until tomorrow?" I asked 

"Because I want to know if there is a possibility that we can be together." I did not know what to say, so when I didn't say anything. He went on. 

"So when your parents find out that I love you." He said 

"I don't think they will." I said quiet 

"It must be because you've said yes." He said seriously 

"I know." I said and smiled at him, so it took a little time when I heard the song. 


The smile on your face lets me know That you need me 

There's a truth in your eyes Saying you'll never leave me 

The touch of your hand says you'll catch me Wherever I fall 

You say it best, When you say nothing at all 


"Do you think things are going well?" I asked 

"Well, let's hope. He said with a twinkle in his eyes. Also, we were at home at my parents' house. It was only 22:00, so my parents do not sleep in now. We walked up to the door and went inside. 

"Mom. Dad. Come into the living room. "I shouted. I took Logan's hand and walked into the room. Mom and Dad came into the room together, but they stopped when they saw Logan. 

"Mom. Dad is something we have to tell you. "I said seriously 

"What are you doing here Logan?" Asked my mother 

"I'm here because I want to marry your daughter," said Logan serious 

"God no, you is not a Muslim." Said my mother 

"She must marry Aaban" said my father seriously 

"Well, listen now. I will not marry Aaban. It's not him I love, I love Logan! "I said 

"And I love her," he said. My parents did not know what to answer it. So I went ahead 

"And I have already said yes to him." I said seriously 

"Oh no, you can't" said my father 

"Yes, we can and we will," said Logan and gave me a kiss. 

"Come on Daddy, let us do it, please." I said, as sweet as I could. 

"You two can get married," my father said. 

"Do you mean it, Dad?" I asked 

"Yes I do ..." he said seriously. I threw myself on his neck. 

"Thanks dad" I said. My mother had not said anything, so I looked at her. 

"What's wrong, Mom?" 

"How long have you been together?" my mother said. She did not answer the question I asked. 

"4 months." said Logan. 

"Have you two been together for 4 months and you have not said anything to us." my mother said sadly. 

"The only reason that we have not said anything is because we knew it would not be approved by you. You will only have that I married Aaban" I say miserable. 

My mother still said nothing and it made me really sad.  

"We will be going now if it's okay. It's late, "said Logan. 

"Yes. But Logan, we are not going before my mother said something. I want to know what she thinks about this. " 

"Well, I approve it, you guys also has been dating for some time so we surely can't change it. And if you really do love each other, your father and I don't do anything to stop you." My mother said. 

I could not say anything the first few minutes. So instead I gave her just a huge hug. 

"Princess, come so we go home now." said Logan. 

"See," said my father 

"Bye mom and dad" I said

We were on our way home to Logan's, when a car hit us....

"Princess, come on wake up," said Logan still. He held my hand. I squeezed his hand, it did really hurt. You could also hear my heart beat. 

"Oh honey, come back to me," Logan said sadly. I tried to open the eyes, this time succeed it for me. I looked him straight in the eye, 

"What happened?" I asked. It hurts to talk. 

"We have been in a car accident yesterday," he replied 

"Why are you not in bed? Like me." I said 

"Don't you remember anything?" He asked 

"Nothing more than that, we were home by my parents. We were allowed to get married, right? "I asked. He had tears in eyes. 

"Yes, we did." 

"Why do I lie in bed?" I asked 

"You have broken almost the entire right side and you also have internal bleeding." Logan took a deep breath and went on. 

"They say that you will maybe survive." Logan could not handle it anymore, so he put head on the bed, his shoulder was moving a little, he cried. 

"Well, we allowed to get married, so I'm not going to die. But Logan are you sure? "I asked 

"I don't know what to believe anymore." Said Logan 

"I know, we will get married, and I'll will not die, before..." I could not say more, it did hurt. I closed my eyes, because they felt really heavy.


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