I will survive?!

What happens when your parents don't know you had a boyfriend for many months and want to marry him. And something happens unexpectedly, Can you stay with your Boyfriend or will your mate find the way into your heart?


3. three


Chapter three


I have decided to do a piece where it is Logan's POV and a piece where it is Dr. Black, just so we know what they think. But I will return to Princess' POV again later.


< Logan P.O.V >


She has just closed her eyes and goes into sleep; I lean in and give her a kiss on the forehead. I can´t believe this is happing to us. I love Princess, and finally hers family knows about her and me. But instead of a good day for us, we end in a car accident, where my baby almost dies. The car that hit us drove into the side of the car so it hit Princess most. I have not as many bruises as Princess has but I have a broken arm and a slight concussion. I look down at her, she look so innocent. I took her hand and with my thumb I make slow circles on her soft skin. I lay my head on her bed and close my eyes.  I think I fell asleep because when I opened my eyes it was morning and there was a nurse. She started to check all the wires that were in my little Babe.

"Um ... Is she okay?" I had to ask the nurse was looking first at Princess and then at me, she shook her head and looked again at Princess.

"I must not say anything about it, but I can get Dr. Black, if that's what you want?" Want? Did she really mean that, what I want is that I get my babe back! I looked at my babe and turn around and looked at the nurse.

"Just do it," the nurse nodded and walked out of the room. I looked at the Princess and leaned down over her to kiss her forehead and whispered "I love you Princess." When I looked up again, was Dr. Black at the door with Princess' journal, he went to Princess, and checked her, even though the nurse had done it for less than 10 minutes ago. Dr. Black turns around and faces me. He looked around our age, maybe a little older; he had dark hair and looked like a football player.

"She doing a little better than when she arrived, but her situation is still critical. And we have also informed her parents, they are on their way here." Oh, that's not good. I had completely forgotten her parents. I looked at Dr. Black.

"I got to go; can you tell her parents that I come back later?" I know that it was far out to ask a doctor about, but I could not bear to see her parents right now. What if they don't think that is right for their daughter and says that I cannot be with her again. Dr. Black looked at me funny.

"I can do that, but then you owe me something." What?! What does he mean by that I owe him something, we knows nothing about each other. Well, maybe he was just kidding.

"Ok, I owe you something." Dr. Black gave me his hand to shake, so I did. I turn around and walked over to Princess, kissing her on the lips when I did this I heard something that sounded like someone who growled. I turn to Dr. James and saw that his eyes had changed color, instead of the bright blue color, they were totally black.

"HEY! Don’t touch her!" Growled Dr. Black I stared at him; it was as if he had change from the nice doctor to an over protected boyfriend.

"She is my fiancée, so of course I touch her if I want to, she is mine." I could see that Dr. Black began to shake wildly, he closed his eyes and began to breathe slowly to fall down again, and you could see that it helped, he stopped to shake and when he opened his eyes they were completely blue again. He stared at me. It seem like he blacked out for a couple of minutes.

"If I was you I would go now before I do something we both will regret," Dr. Black still had a hard tone, so I threw one last glance at Princess, and walked out the door. As I walked through the hospital corridor, I saw Princess' parents, they ran to me.

"Where is our daughter?" Asked her father very restless I took a deep breath and looked between them.

"She is in Room 453rd" I went around them on the way out to the parking lot.

"Hey! Where are you going? "I turned to Princess Mother. We talked some more I told them about Princess. After maybe 20 minutes I said

"I will go home, I've been here since yesterday, so I will go home take a bath and some clean clothes on. I'll come back tomorrow "I could see that she was calm again, so I turn around and went home. I wonder what was Dr. Black issue and why is he behaved as if it was he who was with Princess'. Well, I find that out tomorrow.


< Dr. Damon Black P.O.V >


I've finally found my mate. She is betrothed to a man and has been in a car accident. I remember when they came in after the accident.


'Flash Back'


I was called because there had been a car accident, a car had been hit in the side of another car that ran over the red light and hit them. The first car was there two and in the other, only one. I could feel that I was getting angry. How a man can put himself wasted into a car and drive, it's just so irresponsible to d...

"Dr. Black, they are here now.” Said Dr. Grey, she was also part of my pack, I am Alpha and she's actually my beta and her name is Lexie, we are friends with benefits, she is no whore, she's very down to earth, we have known each other our whole lives, we were each other’s first time, but we're still best friends no matter what.

Lexie and I went over to each of our ambulance the ambulance people came out of the ambulance and opened the back

"What do we have?" I asked while the doctors pull the person out of the ambulance

"A'shadieeyah Muhammad, 24, has lost much blood, the arm is broken and she has ..." I heard no more because I smelled the air and hit the sweetest scent; it was a mixture of raspberry and cakes. It was not until now I did this correctly noticed the girl lying beside me, she was light brown and had black hair, though she was covered in blood, she was so beautiful.

"Dr. Black," said one of the ambulance people, I looked at him. He looked between Shadie (The nickname Dr. Black have giving her) and me.


"You were completely gone, are you not going to take her?"

"I was not completely gone, and of course I take care of her, I'm her doctor," I said even though it came out more like a growl, but I could not control it, my wolf is very upset that his mate has been in a car accident.

"Relax, it was just a question" He looked again at Shadie and if you ask me for too long.

"Go!" He shook his head and walked away. I took Shadie and went into the hospital and into the OR; it was all clear in there, so I started to work on her, just as I touched her skin, waves of joy and pleasure, flies through me. It is true, she really is my mate! We continue to work on her until she is stable, when she is. I have just one thought in my head and it is that we werewolves can heal our mates if it is life saving, but it does not go as fast with humans as with other werewolves when my mate is a human. But it would help her a lot if I'm don't do it. Then I'm risking that she would die. I cannot lose her now, when I just found her. But if we want to heal our mates, I mark her as mine. And it is only if your mate will go along with it you can do it.

 "Do it, she's mine!" said my wolf

"No I do not think we should not do it, it is against our rules."

"She is mine! Mark her as our mate, NOW!"

"NO! What if she finds out what we have done and then not wants us, it will kill us!"

My wolf did not say more but I could feel that he was really pissed. I could not to take care of that, I would rather have my wolf is angry at me than to lose our mate. I must just wait until she wakes up and then have a talk with her.


‘End of Flash Back'


I can’t believe I blacked out again; I look at Logan with a hard look and said

"If I was you I would go now before I do something we both will regret," I still had a hard tone, I saw Logan threw one last glance at Shadie, and walked out the door.  

I walked over to Shadie and kiss her lips to get my scent on her, just as I was about to pull me away, she began to kissing me back, I was in shock when she started kissing me back. But then she moaned and I began to kiss her back, first it was just gentle yet sweet, but it became very hot. I let my tongue run over her bottom lip so that she would open her mouth. She did it, and moaned again. My wolf wanted to take over so he could kiss her mate, I could feel that I was hard. I started kissing her down her jaw, to her neck and began to suck.

"Mmm ... Lo ... gan!" Shadie moaned, I growled to her and pull me back a little so I could see her eyes. I was pissed, I could feel that my wolf was just below the surface.

"You are MINE! Not Logan’s." I smacked my lips over her lips again, this time the kiss was hard and determined. I forced my tongue into her mouth. She moaned but at the same time she whimpered in pain.


< Princess/ Shadie’s P.O.V > Before Dr. Black kisses her.


"If I was you I would go now before I do something we both will regret,’’ said a really sexy voice, it was deep and masculine, and  it sounded like someone who growled and I got butterflies in my stomach, just by hearing it. I could hear someone went and closed the door behind him. There were some who began to move, the person came closer to me. Before I knew what to do, there was a set of lips on my own, I could feel that I was turned on, so I kissed back the lips over mine stopped moving, so I moaned and he kiss back, first it was gentle yet sweet, but then a tongue ran over my lips, I was to turn on to denied him access, so I open my mouth. The kiss was so hot, but then he stopped, and began to kiss his way to my neck, he began to suck. So I couldn’t help myself, so I moaned “Mmm… Lo … gan!” He began to growl and pull away, I was just about to say to Logan that he should kiss me again. When I saw that it was not Logan, but a guy with blond hair and black eyes WAIT, WHAT? BLACK EYES?!

“You are MINE! Not Logan’s.” He smacked his lips back to mine and began to kiss me hard og determined, I would have push him away, but then he forced his tongue into my mouth, and it was like as my body moves on itself I moaned. I would have lifted my arms, but I whimpered in pain. The guy moved away from me and looked me in the eyes.

"I'm sorry, I forgot that you were injured." said the guy and so sad.

"Who are you and why did you kissed me?" Hmm, I didn't sound breathless.

"Um, I'm your doctor, the name is Damon Black. And.. Um and about the kiss ..." Dr. Black was looking away as if he didn't know what he should say.

"Dr. Black so ..." I could not talk finished, because Dr. Black interrupted me.

"It's Damon." I do not know why but I blush and looked away.

"Um Damon why did you kiss me?." Damon grabbed my chin and turns me so that I looked at him again.

"Well, you are mine! And the kiss it was because you smelled of Logan" What? I'm not his, am I?

"But enough about that, can you remember what happened before you came here?" It was only now I noticed that I was in a hospital bed, and I had many wounds, but strangely enough I did not hurt.

"Of course I remember what I did; me and Logan had just been at home by my parents to get allowed to become engaged. We were on our way back to Logan's home when we were run into by another car. Plus it's not sure that I survive. "I said it as fast as I could.

"Shadie I can do so that you will survive but then you must trust me. It's going to go fast, but not as fast, if you were what I am." It's just so weird for some reason I trust him, I do not know him, but I trust him, weird!

"I trust you; hey did you just call me Shadie?" He looked into my eyes and took my hand, for some strange reason, feeling as if it belongs there.

"Yeah, I better like Shadie than Princess. Lie still!" I loved how determined he sounded. He moved his head down to the mine, gave me a sweet kiss on the mouth, so he moved down my jaw to my neck and started kissing and licking my neck.

"Hey, why ..."

"Shh, it will be OK" He began to suck on my neck, I could not keep my moaning inside, it was just so good, Damon gave a groan from him, and so I could feel his teeth against my skin.

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