I will survive?!

What happens when your parents don't know you had a boyfriend for many months and want to marry him. And something happens unexpectedly, Can you stay with your Boyfriend or will your mate find the way into your heart?


1. one


Chapter one:


So now you shall hear what has happened with my life. Oops, it must be said that I called A'shadieeyah, but is called Princess. I am a Muslim; I persuaded my parents that I needed to wear scarves. But then I also had to marry someone called Aaban. And I have my parents, my mother called Amilah and my dad called Aahil. And five sisters, named: Alia Amaya, Amira, Ashika and Awa. The last thing I need to know is that I am the youngest of all my sisters are 28 years and they are 30,35,37,39 and 40 years. When but enough about that. It all started on May 1 2009, when my best friend Brooke wrote to me on msn. 


Brooke says 

Princess, there's a party in Logan tonight. We have been invited to, I said yes to him. But I would just be sure you would. 

Princess says 

That I know. But what do I tell my parents? 

Brooke says 

Say that you sleep with me, on Saturday. 

Princess says 

Top, when should I come to your home. 

Brooke says 

At 18:00, we have two hours to get ready in. 

Princess says 

Okay. Go down and talk with my parents.

So I went downstairs and saw that my mother was in the process of reading a book. 

"Mom, where's Dad?" I asked. 

"He is at work" replied my mother. 

"Okay, Mother May I sleep with Brooke, on Saturday?" When I had said that I thought that maybe I should call my dad and ask him. 

"You should ask your dad about it, but you must be good for me if he says yes." Said my mother. 

"When Dad comes home, Mom?" My father works in an office in Odense, so some time he came home at dinner time and sometimes only at nine o'clock. 

"He said this morning that he would come home at 19:00." She said. 

"But mom, I'll be home by Brooke at 18:00." I said. 

"So you must of course call him." She said simply and started to read. I went up to my room and took my mobile. It rang up. 

"Hey Dad, can you talk?" I asked 

"Hey Princess, I can well. What do you want? "He said 

"It is Brooke who asks if I cannot come over and sleep with her on Saturday." 

Long pause 

"Princess, do it well." He said 

"Thanks Dad, see you." I said and hung up. I was wondering what outfit I should wear in the evening when I got a message that it was from Logan. 

- Hey beautiful, you come tonight? 

- Hello, handsome, yeah. 

- Cool, see you tonight. 

Logan is my boyfriend; we've been dating for almost 4 months. Logan has been my best friend as far back as I could remember. But it was not until 1.g we were starting to get feelings for each other. Logan looks really nice out and he had dark hair and brown eyes, he was tall and broad shouldered. He looked kind of like one of those guys who were on the cover of a love novel. My parents did not know I had a boyfriend. But I was also technical seen engaged to Aaban.

Since time was 19:45, we were both ready, I was in screaming red, red mailbox color dress. I might have to freeze some of the evening because my dress had straps, they were very thin. It was lightning in the back. The bulging below the hips, it went to my knees. My black hair was allowed to be resolved, but it was also because it was so long. I also had some red stilettos and red lipstick that suited all. Brooke had a champagne colored dress. When we came to party, there were only come to another person. His name is Eric, and was madly in love with Brooke. She was also madly in love with him. They were also engaged. Logan lived alone in a large apartment; there was a small kitchen, a small bathroom, a large living room and his bedroom. Logan and Eric came up to us. 

"Hey beautiful, Brooke" he put both hands on either side of my head and kissed me gently on the mouth. While Logan kissed me, said hi to Eric and Brooke kissed her. And then the party really started.

The party ended with the fact that we were all drunk. Brooke went back to Eric. I stayed with Logan; we stood and held each other while we talked. 

"Princess, you will not marry me? And move in with me? "The questions surprised me, everything we had talked about it before, but we did not come up with any decision. 

"Logan, I want to ... but my parents wants me to marry Aaban?" I said. 

"I did not ask what your parents want! I asked what you want. "He said acidic. 

"I love you and I will be with you. But my parents ...” 

"Stop it with your ridiculous parents?" He was furious, but I was really angry now. 

"What was it you said, my parents are not ridiculous!" 

"Yes they are. We will both be married too each other, right? " 


"But we can't because your parents do not even know that I'm your boyfriend. They just think that we're friends, right? "It irritated me that he had as much right in what he said. 

"They know nothing about the feelings we have for each other." I mumbled. 

"Aha, your parents do like me don't they?" I could not understand what it is aha was. 

"Well, they might like you, why?" 

"What if we say, that you do not like him idiot to your parents?" 

"We can try?" I said unsure. 

He gave me a kiss and pulled me up from the bed. 

"Where are you taken me to?" I asked 

"Too talk to your parents." 

"WHAT!? WE CAN'T DO THAT" I shouted. 

"Yes we can" I knew I could not do more now so I went out to the car.


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