Dramatically In Love

Its the news of the century: the biggest boy band of the moment, One Direction, and the biggest girl group of the moment, The Ashlees, are going on tour together! Five boys and five girls on tour together obviously equals drama, and even more romance.


11. Liam

"Dude, how was last night?" Harry asked me. "Awesome." "You kept us up!" Louis said. "Sorry man." We rented a car, got lunch and now we're sightseeing around New York, but I guess it's turning into "Ask Liam about His Sex Life" day. "Kyla's telling me Trista likes you," Niall said taking a sip of his soda. "She clearly doesn't," I said. "Oh I don't know Liam," Zayn said. "How are you and Bayla?" "How'd you know?" "Everyone knows, you're terrible at trying to keep it a secret." "No way!" "You were making out at the party behind the DJ stand," I laughed. That shut him up. "So Eleanor's coming to the MSG show, and I told her she could stay on the bus," Louis said. "We're full," Harry said. "Me and El will get te guest room," he said. "Please try to be quiet," Niall begged. "Who said we were going to do it?" Three days until MSG. We're rehearsing like crazy, and we're also getting new outfits. The girls modeled one of their outfits for us: jean skirts and sparkly tank tops in different colors. I must admit, Trista looked sexy, but if I said that, it'd get back to Dani, and I'd be screwed.

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