Dramatically In Love

Its the news of the century: the biggest boy band of the moment, One Direction, and the biggest girl group of the moment, The Ashlees, are going on tour together! Five boys and five girls on tour together obviously equals drama, and even more romance.


14. Kyla

Harry asked me out, and we're going out tonight- we got a rental car and we're going sightseeing around New York. I picked out one of my favorite outfits for the date: ripped skinny jeans, a pink tank top and black high tops.


While we were driving, we talked about our favorite music: Harry loves rock, and dance is my favorite. We found an empty parking lot to stop and get some air, and while we sat on the hood of the car watching the stars, I murmured "Its a pretty night." "I see something prettier." "What?" "I'm talking to her." It was silent, until we turned to each other, leaned in and kissed. "Is all that true?" "What?" "All the stuff I hear about you being a womanizer?" "I fall in love fast, I don't know why," he sighed. "If we're going to be in love, I don't want to be another one night stand." "You won't be. You're really special Kyla. You're pretty, talented, kind and flawless." I knew I was as red as a fire truck right now. "Why thank you Harry," I said, pulling him in for another kiss. Back at the bus, Eleanor and the girls were getting ready for bed, but the boys wanted to stay up. "Big day tomorrow, you sure?" I asked them. Tomorrow, we're playing Madison Square Garden. Some of my biggest influences have performed here, and I'll be on the same stage as they were. "We're not tired," Niall said. "Suit yourself," I said, hopping in my bunk.

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