Dramatically In Love

Its the news of the century: the biggest boy band of the moment, One Direction, and the biggest girl group of the moment, The Ashlees, are going on tour together! Five boys and five girls on tour together obviously equals drama, and even more romance.


5. Harry

Us guys woke up before the girls next morning, so we grabbed some cereal and watched TV. "So what's going on with you and Kyla?" Zayn asked me. "Nothing," I said. "Oh you know you like her," Niall laughed. "Fine, I like her." "Then do something about it," Liam said. "I don't know what she thinks of me," I said. "I don't know Haz, I caught her looking at you," Louis said.


When the girls came out for breakfast, I asked Kyla "How'd you sleep?" "Well both Trista and Andria talk in their sleep, but other than that I slept nicely," she smiled. "That's good. I was wondering if you wanted to go to-" "Kyla, come see my new shoes," Carrie squealed pulling Kyla away. "Poor, poor Harry," Louis said. "How're you and Eleanor? Oops, I mean Andria." "You keep your mouth shut!"


Before the show we had a meet and greet, which is always fun. I happened to be sitting next to Bayla, so I asked her "Could you find out if Kyla would go out with me?" "What's in it for me?" she snorted. "I'll tweet 'Bayla is the hottest Ashlee'" "True, but I prefer money. Twenty." "Fifteen." "Deal." We high fived and got back to signing posters.


I'll find a way to make Kyla mine. I mean, the tour's just begun.

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