Dramatically In Love

Its the news of the century: the biggest boy band of the moment, One Direction, and the biggest girl group of the moment, The Ashlees, are going on tour together! Five boys and five girls on tour together obviously equals drama, and even more romance.


6. Bayla

Before the next show, I went to Kyla's dressing room to see if she would date Harry. "Why?" she asked. "Just curious," I said. "You're up to something aren't you," she said. "Nope!" As I was going back to my dressing room, I bumped into Niall, who was carrying a pink envelope. "What's that?" I asked. "A secret admirer note." "What are we in fourth grade?" "Shh, it's for Carrie." "You're into Carrie?" "Anything wrong with that?" "No, just a little sudden that's all." "I think Zayn was looking for you, he's in his dressing room." "Oh well then," I said.


I knocked on Zayn's dressing room door, and he answered. "Niall said you were looking for me?" I asked. "I was, come on in." I sat on the couch, and he joined me. "So what-" I was interrupted when Zayn touched my face and kissed me. "Well," I said "that was one hell of a kiss!" "So are we like...together now?" I dont know! "We probably should wait a while to tell people." I said. "Good idea," he said. "Now I have to go talk to Harry, see you." "Later babygirl." That gave me major butterflies. It was twenty minutes to show time, so I just texted Harry saying Kyla would date him and I want my money. This was a good day- I'm sort of dating Zayn now, and I'm helping out two friends fall in love! And I'm getting money!

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