Loved Ya Once Love Ya Still Always Have Always Will

just a fan fiction about the heavenly Harry Edwards Styles. we meet at a meet and greet and I was getting my pic signed and instead of just an autograph, he wrote this; you are the most beautiful I have ever seen. text me later 375-228-7980 love harry I don't wanna give too much away so I will save the rest for the story.


4. i like that its kinda... mysterious

      That was their last day on tour so the boys returned to their homes. As I went to give harry a good bye hug he pulled up next tome in his car and said "get in." I looked at him with a puzzled look on my face. He got out of the car and took my hand and started walking. "you don't talk much, I like that its kinda... mysterious." I looked up at him and said... well I didn't say anything. He picked me up again and being that the car was a convertible, he put me in shotgun and said, "buckle up," I managed to whimper out a little "okay." And before I knew it I was Harry styles' girlfriend.

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