Christmas Eve - Liam Payne (Short story)

( This is my first short story, so PLEASE tell me what you think of it, yeah? :))


1. Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Eve, you and Liam go to his parent’s house to have Christmas dinner and to open presents. When you get there, his parents welcome you guys by a hug and a kiss on the cheek. His parents love you and think that you are the best girlfriend he has ever had! All of you sit down at the table, say a prayer then dig into the amazing food. After you guys are finished eating, you go into the living room. Liam sits on the couch and you sit in between his legs on the floor. While you watch everyone open their presents from Liam’s parents, you patiently wait until it’s your turn to open yours while Liam massages your shoulders. The last person to open their present was you and Liam. You opened the present and it was a big flat screen TV for yours and Liam’s bedroom. After opening the presents, everyone sat in the living room, talking and sipping on hot cocoa. Liam asks you to move because he has to use the bathroom. You get up, so he can get up then you sit down on the couch. Liam is gone for five minutes. He comes back into the living room with a dozen roses and a box. He calls you over to him. You get up and walk over to him. He kisses you on the nose and hands you the roses. He proceeds to get on one knee and he says “Will you marry me?”. You gasp, you start to cry and then you wrap your arms around him so tightly, that he tells you you’re squeezing too hard, and you reply with “YES! I’ll marry you Liam. I love you so much, you’re my world!”. You two kiss passionately with tears of joy. All of his family congratulates you and give you hugs and welcome you into the family. About an hour later, you and Liam left to go to your house. Immediately you two go into your room, turn some slow music on and slow dance, then 20 minutes later, you two proceeded to get into bed. While lying in bed, Liam had his arms wrapped around you, cuddling you. You turn your head around to give him a kiss on the lips then turn your head away from him. Liam gently kisses your neck and that turned you on. After five minutes of Liam kisses you on the neck, you two were making out and before you know it, you two were having passionate sex. It lasted for about an hour, after you two were finished, you cuddled and he kept telling you that he loves you, and then you dozed off with him holding onto you.


Please let me know what you think.. If you think it's horrible, please say so. Don't sugarcoat it. :) I want to improve.. THANKS FOR READING.

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