Broken Promisses

Katie has been waiting for two years to see her boyfriend, Harry. But when he comrs back will she forgive him for leaving her?


5. A Punch in the Face

**Niall's POV**

Katie finally cryed herself to sleep. I hated seeing her like this. She was so nice and I never thought that my best friend could hurt her like this.

I gently slid my arms under her neck and knees. Picking her up from the couch, I slowly made my way to her room where I layed her down on the pillow and pulled the blankets up to her chin. Katie's cheeks were still red. She didn't deserve this. She never has. She never will.

Something in me changed. I grew angier. I don't know how. I don't know why. But I stormed out of the house and marched over to Harry's. Pounding on the door, I got Harry to answer.

"Niall?" Harry was confused at why I was there. I saw his cheeks were as tear stained and puffy as Katie's, if not more.

I just lost it. I don't know why, but I punched him in his face. I never thought that I would be the one to do this and it took me by surprise just as much as it took Harry. He had his hand on his face, rubbing his cheek where I socked him. There were more tears gathering in his eyes. "Niall?" he repeated.

"Why'd you do it? You hurt Katie." I said with an angry expression on my face.

Harry collapsed onto the floor. His face burried in his knees and his arms pulling his legs to him.

"She cryed all day. All day,Harry." His back shook. "She cryed until dhe passed out." His sobs grew louder. "I'm gonna be nice here. We are no longer friends unless we are in an interview or preforming. That's it. You got it?" I asked.

Harry looked up "I have to lose you and Katie all in one day?"

I nodded. "That's how it's going to be."

I turned on my heel and walked back to Katie's. I did feelva little bad for leaving Harry like that, but he deserved it.

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