Broken Promisses

Katie has been waiting for two years to see her boyfriend, Harry. But when he comrs back will she forgive him for leaving her?


1. Hey! <3

Hi! I'm Katelyn, but every one calls me Katie.

I have green eyes and long red hair.

I have a boyfriend, Harry. Well, he won't be my boyfriend for long because I have seen countless pictures of him with many different girls. Next time I see him, I am determined to break up with him. He is in the band One Direction. I've only seen him once since he left for the X Factor. That was the first and only time I met Harry's band in person.

I only stay in contact with Harry's friend, Niall. I call him every night as long as Harry doesn't find out.

My best friend is Gemma, Harry's sister. She calls me whenever Harry is in town and that is my cue to stay where I am just in case Harry remembers that he has a girlfriend that has been waiting for him for two whole years.

I love you. Bye.

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