Dating Niall Horan (13+)

Abby was a fan of One Direction in the early days. During the X-Factor, she helped dance in one of their songs. She was smitten by Niall, and by the end of the night, she hands him a paper with her number scribbled on it. Now a days, Niall is just a memory of Abby's. Sure, she wonders why he never called, but she doesn't dwindle on it. But as she moves to live with her cousin in Britain, she meets more people and many old.


23. Work Day

Abby's POV-

I wake up startled. I look over at Niall. He's sprawled out, his feet hanging off the edge, head buried into the pillow. One arm was on his pillow, the other has a fist of my pajama pants. I roll over, and grab my phone.

TO-Jayney wainey


you awake?xx


I press send, and get a buzz.


FROM-Jayney wainey

now i am. were r u????


TO-Jayney wainey


at nialls... do we need anything today? cuz idk what we r doing


I press send, and set it back down. Niall rolls closer to me, his hand letting go of my pants, but grabbing my shirt.

"Niall, Niall babe. Wake up," I murmur, while peeling his fingers off my shirt. He doesn't wake up, but does let go. He snuggles to me, wrapping his arm around my waist. I look at him. His hair was all over, some hanging in front of his eyes. I brush his hair, and his breathing changes. Niall's bright blue eyes look at me, pupils adjusting to the light.

"Morning Baby," Niall kisses my cheek, while pulling himself out of bed.

"Hey! Where are you going?" I sit up, and he turns in the doorway.

"To brush my teeth. I want to kiss you, but you hate morning breath." I smile, and nod. He scampers out, and I lay back in bed. I hear water running, so I get up. I walk past  his bathroom, and into the living room. I put on some cartoons, and walk into the kitchen. I get out my favorite cereal, and two bowls. I pour Lucky Charms into the bowls, and choose the one with more marshmellows. I pour milk in mine, and take out two spoons. Niall comes in, showing off his newly cleaned teeth.

"Aren't you glad I got my braces off?" He asks, kissing me. I keep my mouth shut, because I still have food in my mouth.

"Thanks Baby," he says, pouring milk into his bowl. He takes a big bite, looking at my breakfast.

"Why do you get more marshmallows?" He pouts, taking another bite. I dump some of my marshmallows into his, and earn his smile. He kisses my temple, and starts shoveling in the cereal. I start eating too, and look into the living room.

"Let's eat by the TV!" I grab my bowl and run into the living room. Niall follows, slower than me. I jump onto the couch, and watch the cartoons.


"Babe, what do you want to do today?" He asks, as he sets his empty bowl on the coffee table. I finish mine, and put it next to his.

"Um, I don't care. Do you have anything with the band?" I ask. His face changes, and he scratches his neck.

"Well. . ." He trails off. I smile.

"What time?"

"In a couple hours." I kiss him.

"Go shower, stinky," I say on his lips. He pulls me onto his lap.

"Deal with it," He growls, kissing my neck. I grab his biceps, and he kisses my jawline. His soft kisses climb to my mouth, and we kiss for a while. To soon, he pulls away.

"I have to ask you a question." I nod, out of breath.

"A while back, you said I was your first kiss. But Dexter said. . ." He trails off once again. I roll my eyes, and climb off his lap. My fingers grab his. 

"Well, we started dating before I came over. Then had a nasty break. We hadn't kissed, because we only had a coupe dates. When we met, and you kissed me, it was my first time. When I went back to America, I waited for you to call. And I ignored Dexter's. But after a couple weeks, I answered Dexter's call. We went out to a movie, and that's when he kissed me. After that, it spiraled out of control. So that's about it." Niall's eyes stay on our hands, as he studies my nails. He lifts up my hand, and places his soft lips on my knuckles.

"Thank you for telling me that. I'll go shower, if you grab my clothes?" He murmurs, humor hinting his voice. His eyes once again sparkle.

"Fine I will. Go!" He hops up, and thunders out the room. I take our bowls into the kitchen, and place them in the dishwasher. I walk back to Niall's bedroom, and pick up his clothes off the floor. I place them in the hamper, and grab my favorite shirt of his, a white shirt with a grey pull over. I grab his favorite pair of jeans, and walk over to the bathroom. I knock twice, and hear the shower running.

"Aight. I'm in the shower!" He yells. I open the door, and put the clothes on toilet seat.

"You could come in with me if you want," I hear Niall laugh. I roll my eyes, and flip the fan on.

"I'm going to run by my place. Be ready?" I call.

"You're leaving me?" Niall whines.

"Only while you're bathing. Bye babe!" I laugh.

"Can't wait to see you again!!" He laughs back. I slip on my shoes from last night, grab my clothes, and walk to my room. I unlock the door, and walk in. Josh walks out from the kitchen, and nods at me.

"I was about to put up a missing person paper." He chuckles. I roll my eyes, and head to my room. Jayne meets me in the hall, and spins me around.

"Hey you!!!" She squeals, her eyes sparkling. I look at her, and she laughs.

"What is wrong with you?" I ask.

"Josh is moving in with us!!!" She yells, spinning me again.

"I thought he already lived down the hall."

"Yeah, but this is a huge step in our relationship!!" She yells again. I hug her, and head into my room. I look around.

"Wow. My room is a mess," I murmur. I grab Niall's pajama pants that he keeps here, and put them in his drawer. I grab my few bras that somehow scatter on the ground. I push them into my drawer, and open my door.

"Jayne! Did you go through my bras again?!" I call.

"Maybe!" She yells back.

"Did you use the black lace one?"

"No! I used the hot pink zebra one!"

"Stop talking about bras!" Josh groans. I laugh, and pull myself back into my bed room. I pull my blankets straight, and pick up the remaining clothes that belong in the hamper. I set straight all my stuff, and quick change. I pull my hair into a pony tail. After my room is tidy, I grab a change of clothes. I walk into the bathroom and lock the door. I quick jump in and out of the shower, in record time. I change as fast as I can, and put my hair up again. As soon as I'm ready, I unlock the door. I walk out into the living room, where Josh and Niall are playing video games.

"Abby!" Niall jumps off the couch, and runs to me.

"Niall!" I scream back, jumping into his arms. He pecks my cheeks, as I laugh.

"I've missed you!" I giggle, hugging him tight.

"I've been gone, for like, a half hour!" He laughs, hugging me back.

"I know. So, where are your band mates?" I ask, while he sits in the chair. I crawl onto his lap, and lay my head on his shoulders.

"Awww! You to are so cute! Picture?" Josh imitates a girl's voice, holding up my phone. I kiss Niall's cheek, and he closes his eyes. A light flashes, and I pull away from Niall. Josh hands me my phone, and I smile at the picture.

"This is the best picture I have ever seen," I whisper, changing my profile picture on Twitter. In a matter of seconds, many favorites and re-tweets come up.

"Well that's sweet," Niall says, into the back of my hair. I hop up, pulling him up with me.

"Alright you. It's time for you to go to work, and do what you love to do." I shoo him towards the door, although I don't want him to leave. Niall turns before walking out.

"Will you walk me to the lobby?" He smiles my favorite smile, and I slip on my flip flops.

"Okay," I smile. Niall takes my hand, and we walk down our hall. Soon we walk past the windows, the morning sun shining through. I press the button, and the elevator opens up. Niall and I walk in, the door binging behind us. We rush down, stopping at floor two. Louis walks in, nodding at me.

"I see you are still lovestruck. Can't go a minute apart," He ruffles Niall's hair, and pokes my arm.

"Maybe we are. Maybe we aren't," Niall says, laughing. I smile, and follow the boys out of the elevator. The rest of the band are waiting in the lobby, watching the TV.

"We've been waiting for AGES!" Harry whines, getting up and walking outside. The boys follow, Niall letting go of my hand.

"See you tonight Babe?" He asks, smiling at me. I nod, and watch my boyfriend walk to his job, with his band. I take a deep breath, and head upstairs. As I enter my home, my phone goes off.

"Hello?" I say, pulling off my shoes.

"Hey Abby. It's Jake. From work? Well, just wanted you to know that we have work today. In like two hours." I gasp.

"Uh, yeah. Thanks Jake!" I hang up, and run into my room. I grab my purse off my chair, and fill it with my phone, iPod, and lip gloss. As soon as everything is in, I grab my vest out of my closet. I slip it on over my shirt, and pull on my flip flops.

"Jayne! I'm going to work!" I call. Josh walks in, waving.

"Bye Abby wabby!"

"Bye Joshie bear!" I laugh. He opens the door for me, and I walk out.


"Thank you, come again!" I hand a mother a bag of candy, and walk out of my register. Jake hands me a box.

"Stack these on the counters, would you?" He asks, leaving. I walk down the little isles, and set the box on the ground. I grab a handful of pixie sticks, and sort them into their specific box. A little girl runs past me, grabbing a handful of the candy. She looks at me, and takes a step forward. 

"Are you Abby? Niall's girlfriend?" She asks, studying me. I take a deep breath.

"Yep. That's me."

"Is Niall here?!" She screams, looking around wildly.

"Sorry kiddo. He is at the studio today." She pouts, and waves goodbye.

"Thanks anyway," she whispers. I wave back, and stack the rest of the candy. I pick up the empty box, and walk to the employee room. I dump it into the giant dumpster, and walk into the locker room. I open mine, and take out my purse. I pull off my vest, and stuff it into my bag. Jake walks in, pulling open his locker.

"You leaving already?" He asks, his skateboard hitting the ground. Joyce walks in, slinging her beg into her locker.

"You leaving?" She asks too, slipping on her vest.

"Yep. I want to get Niall's apartment clean for him." I say, a blush creeping on my cheeks.

"Wow. You are a really nice girlfriend." She says, giving Jake admiring eyes, while he fixes a wheel. I wink, mouth "Good Luck," to Joyce, and head out. I walk past many cars, them trying to get home. I walk, and pull out my phone.

"Three a clock. Two hours until Niall comes home," I smile, thinking of him. I slowly climb the stairs, and wave to the receptionist. I wait in the elevator, and hurry to Niall's flat. I open it with my key, and kick off my shoes. I walk into the kitchen, a sink full of dishes looking at me.


Two hours and three laundry loads later, Niall's place was spotless. I close my drawer, filled with clean clothes. I wonder around his place, wondering when Niall will be home. Soon, I end up going to my flat. Jayne sits on the couch, curled up with a magazine.

"Niall still gone?" She asks, pushing her glasses up.

"Yep. Why are you wearing your glasses?" I ask, taking a sip of her cocoa.

"My contacts hurt. So, is it a girls night? Josh is hanging out with some of his friends tonight," Jayne sighs, taking back her cup.

"Sure! Until Niall comes home."

"Or Josh."

"Okay, whatever," I laugh, as she turns on the TV. She flips through channels, until she ends up on the movie channel.

"Here. We are going to watch the Princess Diaries." Jayne says, satisfied. I kick my feet up, sipping some more cocoa.

"Let me get you a cup," Jayne grumbles, taking her cup with. I settle into the couch, watching the movie. Jayne comes back in, carrying two cups filled with liquid. Jayne hands me a cup, and I take a sip.

"My compliments to the chef," I laugh, taking another drink. She laughs, drinking her own.


"That was the best movie I've ever seen," Jayne sighs, pushing more popcorn into her mouth. My phone buzzes, and I pick it up.


"Go outside your door," Josh says.

"Why Josh?"

"Just do it!" He yells, hanging up. I roll my eyes, and get off the couch. Jayne gets off the couch too, and heads down the hall.

"Bye Abby! I'm going to bed early! I have work tomorrow!" I wave, and head outside. I lean against my door, my bare feet in the carpet. A pair of arms go around my waist, spinning me around. Niall's mouth slams against mine.

"I've missed you so much." He says. I pull away, and hug him tight.

"It's only been a day, not even." I laugh, even though my feelings were the same.

"So? It's torture. At least you live next door," Niall says, his crystal blue eyes twinkling.

"Thanks Babe. Hungry?" I ask, heading towards his door.

"Starved! Woah," Niall stops in the doorway, his spotless house looking at him.

"Surprise!" I scream, throwing my arms in the air. Niall walks into the kitchen, and down the hall. He opens every door, peering inside.

"Woah," he says again.

"Don't I get a thank you?" I ask, putting my hands on my hips. He walks over, and puts his hands over mine.

"I will give you a proper thanking," Niall smirks, pushing me onto the couch. He kisses my neck hungrily. I laugh, shakily.

"Ni-Niall. Ni, what are you doING?" I squeak, as his hands slide onto my bum.

"Properly thanking you," he says, annoyed. Niall keeps kissing my neck, moving to my ear. He kisses my stud earring.

"Unless you want me to stop," he murmurs, sending chills. I smile.

"Never." I push Niall off me, and straddle him. I kiss his scruffy cheek, and pry my fingers into his tangled hair. He smiles, and kisses me on the mouth. I sit up, and we walk blindly into the kitchen.

"This is hard," Niall says, rolling his eyes. He pulls me up, bridal style. I kiss him, as he brings me into the kitchen. He sets me into a chair, and stops kissing me.

"Hey! Now what are you doing?" I ask, watching him walk to the fridge.

"Thanking you with food." He smiles, pulling out eggs.

"You're making me... Eggs?"

"My best plate," Niall laughs. I roll my eyes, and get out the salt and pepper.

"Did you check the yokes?" I ask, peering over his shoulder.

"Yes I did, Mother Hen," he teases, starting the scrambled eggs.


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