Dating Niall Horan (13+)

Abby was a fan of One Direction in the early days. During the X-Factor, she helped dance in one of their songs. She was smitten by Niall, and by the end of the night, she hands him a paper with her number scribbled on it. Now a days, Niall is just a memory of Abby's. Sure, she wonders why he never called, but she doesn't dwindle on it. But as she moves to live with her cousin in Britain, she meets more people and many old.


24. The night

Abby's POV-

Niall sets the plate in front of me, kissing my nose in the process. He digs into his plate, as do I. Niall puts on some electric candles, and turns off the lights.

"Romantic," I say, taking some bacon off the main plate. I look across the table from me, watching Niall eat. I shrug, and eat as fast as I can, the eggs burning my throat.

"Very," Niall laughs, almost done with his share. "Hurry up. I want to cuddle with you. Make out some. Maybe, do some other stuff. . ." He says. I set down my fork, surprised hearing that from Niall.

"No Nialler. No sex." I say, crossing my arms. His expression goes from humor to shock. Then realization.

"No Baby! I didn't mean sex! I meant, like, I don't know. Maybe cook a cake or shop together? Not sex! We've been dating for like, four months!" He says, getting out of his chair. I do the same, and meet him.

"I would never pressure you to do that. If you wanted to have sex, then I would. Maybe. I will never ask you to give yourself away to me like that," He says, taking my face into his hands.

"Thank you Niall," I whisper.He sweetly kisses me, and picks up the dishes. I do the same, and follow  him into the kitchen. He pulls open the dishwasher, and puts in our plates, forks, and cups.

"Come. Let's cuddle together," Niall pulls me into the living room. He sits, pulling me into his lap. I grab a blanket, and cover us. My hand absentmindedly plays with his hair, as we watch TV.

"Abby," Niall smiles, "I love it when you play with my hair. But don't pull it."

"Why?" I ask, pulling it. His eyes roll into the back of his head. That's when I get it.

"That turns you on?" I giggle, letting go. He nods, and closes his eyes. "Sorry Baby," I say, kissing his forehead. He opens his eyes, and shrugs.

"I should've told you earlier. Now, what do you want to watch?" He asks, while turning back to the TV. I snuggle into his lap, and kiss him. Nice and slow. Niall didn't try to push it, just passionately. A knock comes from the door, and I roll my eyes.

"This place must be it. We always are interrupted here." I say.

"Well, I think your right. But I'm not moving. COME IN!!" Niall yells. I stay in his lap, our legs intertwining.

"Well well well. A snuggle session!" Liam says, hopping on my lap.

"Liam! I can't breathe!" Niall screams. Louis and Zayn come in, Harry following. Liam gets off, while Perrie and El walk in. I wave.

"Aw! They're cuddling!" Perrie gushes, sitting down on Zayn's lap.

"Come here El. Let's cuddle, like the other couples." Louis pats his lap, and El sits down.

"Where's Dani?" I ask, looking around.

"She's at a meeting with her boss." Liam says, fiddling with his shirt. I nod, and start to play with Niall's hair, not pulling on it. Niall smiles, and leans into my hand.

"So, what are we going to do?" Harry asks, leaning in from his chair.

"Club anyone?" Zayn asks, looking around. I shrug, and look at Niall.

"I've been dying for a pint," Niall agrees. I hop up, and pull him to his feet.

"Well, I have to change then," I laugh. The other girls look at their clothes, and agree.

"Meet in the lobby in twenty minutes?" Niall asks, looking at his watch. The boys nod, and head out. Niall goes into his bedroom, and emerges, shirtless.

"Maybe we should just stay here," I murmur, pulling on his hair.

"Abby, don't do this to me," he says, voice ragged."I think we should go out, together. We can make out there," Niall moans, trying to compose himself. I get one last tug, amused by my little power.

"Okay," I huff, running my fingers on his stomach. I walk to the door, while Niall slips on his shirt. He pulls on his converse, and takes my hand.

"I love that you always take my hand. I feel like you claim me, and boys don't look at me," I say, absentmindedly. Niall smiles.

"I do take you hand, so I know that you aren't a dream." I unlock my door, and Niall follows me into my room. Jayne runs out, in a dress and heels.

"Josh and I are going out. To a party of his friend's. Bye!" She pulls the door shut. I walk to my closet, and pull open the doors. I pick out a sparkly tank top, and white short shorts. I peel off my shirt, and quick put on my tank top.

"Nice look Baby," Niall laughs, as I hurriedly pull my arms through the holes. I fold the doors close, me inside. I change my pants, and pull open the door.

"I'm now changing in there, or you are standing outside,'' I wag my finger at him, as  I pull on my converse.
"Let's go Babe,"Niall murmurs, pulling me to the door. We only made it to the doorway though, before he kisses me.

"Niall! I need to do my makeup!" I say, pushing him out of my way, and into the bathroom.

"No. No make up. Please," Niall whines, while I put on eyeshadow and mascara. I wipe lip gloss on, and stick it in my purse.

"I'm only putting a little on. See?" I say, closing my eyes. Niall's thumb brushes over my closed eye.

"You had too much on," he murmurs, his accent making me crave his lips on mine. I put my hands behind his neck, his hands coming to my waist.

"I'm sorry," I pull him close, and kiss him sweetly.

"It's okay. Now, let's go. We might be a little late," Niall laughs. He walks me to the door, and into the elevator.

"I love how close we live," I say, as the doors open. Everyone's there.

"Abby! Love the shoes!" Perrie gasps. "Where'd you get them?" She asks.

"I got them at a cute little store next to the airport-"

"Let's go!" Harry interrupts.

"Race!!!" Niall says, pushing Liam forward. The boys run ahead. The girls don't race, so we walk together. The guys run around the corner.

"So, Abby. How long have you and Niall been dating?" El asks, looking at me. I shrug.

"Four, five months? We've been dating for a while. I think we started back in January." I nod. Perrie laughs, as Zayn's head peeks around the corner. He disappears, and we turn the corner. Niall puts his hand over my eyes.

"Now, you can't see?" He asks, his accent low.

"Nope," I giggle. Niall's hand disappears, and he kisses me. I feel something go over my eyes, and Niall's lips leave mine.

"Niall?" I whine, feeling the tie over my eyes. Fingers intertwine with mine, and pull me.

"This way babe,'' Niall laughs at my hesitance. "I will lead you, okay? C'mon, trust me." I roll my covered eyes, but let Niall drag me, hearing cars, and then a bass beat in the distance.

"Almost there, okay Abbs?" He kisses my cheek, and I smile. I hear Harry yell at someone, and a blast of warm air hits me. Music blast in the background, and Niall pulls me through a crowd. Another blast of air, and the music is a little quieter. Niall pulls off my blindfold, and there, in front of me, is a giant dance floor, completely empty. The other two girls gasp, as did I.  A pretty disco ball lights up, small white dots covering all of us. A slow song sounds, and Niall holds his hand out to me, palm up. I take his hand, and he leads me to the floor. We twirl around, nice and slow. El and Louis, and Perrie and Zayn were by us, while Liam and Harry slip out. Niall's hand goes to the small of my back, while the other hand takes mine. I put my remaining hand on his shoulder.

"This is so sweet Nialler," I whisper, smiling.

"Thanks Babe. It was my idea," he smirks, and puts his forehead against mine.

"You are one amazing guy," I laugh, and kiss his nose.

"Thanks," He twirls me around, lifting me up a little. His eyes shine, as he winks at me. I feel emotion explode from my heart, and feel my cheeks warm. The song changes, but we don't stop dancing. I just look at my wonderful boyfriend, and listen to him sing into my ear.

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