Dating Niall Horan (13+)

Abby was a fan of One Direction in the early days. During the X-Factor, she helped dance in one of their songs. She was smitten by Niall, and by the end of the night, she hands him a paper with her number scribbled on it. Now a days, Niall is just a memory of Abby's. Sure, she wonders why he never called, but she doesn't dwindle on it. But as she moves to live with her cousin in Britain, she meets more people and many old.


30. Please

Abby's POV-

"Aren't you going to say you miss me too?" Dexter smiles. He walks over, and plays with my hair. I jerk away, and he chuckles.
"Zach, go get food ready for the girls. And make sure there's a full house tonight. I need some extra cash." Zach nods, and leaves. Dexter sits me into a chair, and undo my hands.

"Now, how was your traveling?" Dexter asks, sitting in front of me.

"You know what Dexter? It was great. Minus you men coming in, leaving damage, shooting Niall, and kicking down my bathroom door. So, instead of it looking like I left, it looks like I was captured. Like I was. So, you have a little mess to clean up," I sass. Dexter's grin fades, and he punches the table.

"What about you Abby? Were you hurt?" He asks. His eyes look like they care. Too bad I don't.

"Yep. They hurt me, by hurting the boy I love. Niall, I don't know if he's okay. Or if he's dead. They promised to not hurt him if I didn't give a fight!" I say, tears springing in the corners of my vision. Dexter drums his fingers.

"Well, we'll have to see if he is. Abby, I can give you everything you want. Me, money, children. Little girls to play with. Can't you see? I started this, to give us a good foundation for when we get married. Aren't you happy?" He asks, smiling.

"Are you serious? You can't make me love you," I snort.

"But you'll fall for me again."

"Wait, back up. You're saying, that you sold these girls to sex slavery, just to get me to you?" I yell, standing.

"Yeah. But don't worry. A lot get better living quarters here that anywhere else!" He walks towards me, and rests a hand on my shoulder.

"Remember back in America? All of the fun we've had?" He winks.

"Yes. I remember. But this is wrong Dex. You could go to jail!" I scream, as Becky walks in.

"Zach said you wanted me Master?" She says. Becky waves to me, and looks back at Dexter.

"Yes Becky. I need you to take Abby and show her around. Bye Babe," He sits back down,and Becky walks me out. We walk into a huge room, girls everywhere. Little ones, older ones, babies.

"Babies?" I whisper.

"Some had children. Master lets us keep them." I watch women give some food to their children, who watch me, with wide eyes.

Niall's POV-

I wait for the nurse to pull the needle out of my arm. It's been a couple of days, and I can go home now. I'm instructed to rest a lot. I really will look up places on where Abby could be. The boys have contacted a person, who will help us a lot.

"There you go Mr. Horan. Good luck, and make sure to keep your wound clean," the nurse says. I grab my bag, and the boys take the flowers and balloons from fans and family.

"Ready to meet the guy? His name is Tyler." Liam says, as we climb into the car.

"I'm ready! What if she's at an abandonment house? Or, oh my god. What if they took her to a sex house?" I gasp.
"We don't know. We hope not, but Tyler's been working on it.. He's really good Nialler. Besides, who would Abby know that would own a sex house?" Zayn reasons. I nod, and we drive away from the hospital. We drive up to our apartment building, and we go onto my floor. We walk past Abby's room, seeing police tap all over the door. Jayne is sitting on the floor.

"NIall!" She cries, bolting up and into my arms. I hold her as we both cry. The boys walk into my room, as I lead Jayne towards it.
"Abby's family is coming over. You should've heard Kendall, her brother. He was pissed. I think if he finds whoever it is, they won't make it to jail." Jayne says, as tears stream down her face. We walk in, and I take Jayne to my guest room.

"You are welcome to stay here. Josh too. Make yourself at home, sleep." I murmur, closing the door. Her sobs echo down the hall, as I walk into the living room. A big man with tattoos on both arms sits on my couch, machines everywhere.

"So, I picked up her phone tracking device, and it's in this area. Down a ways  The problem is, every time I call, there's no reception. So, that doesn't make sense. Oh, hi. You must be Niall. Abby's boyfriend," He gets up, and shakes my hand.

"Yeah, that's me. Tell me, where do you think this is?" I sit next to him.

"Down by the water. Whoever took her probably has a house by the ocean. Word is a new Sex house opened up down there. That's where I'm picking up the signal." He points at the dots.I shudder.

"Well let's go!" I scream, standing. Tyler shakes his head.

"We can't yet. Abby's family is coming in tomorrow, then we can go.But for now, we just wait." I roll my eyes. Waiting is not what we need to do.

"Wait," I say, standing. "What if one of us goes under cover. Like, pretends to go to the sex place. Then, we can find Abby!" Tyler thinks, but shakes his head again.

"Way to dangerous for you people to be out there. Someone will notice you, and will kill you. People near that kind of environment aren't good people. All we have to do is hope and pray Abby isn't working there." I gasp. What if she is?! No, no. no. NO. NO. NOOO!


Abby's POV-

After everyone finished eating, they all headed into the room where Zach threw me in a couple days ago. Becky starts putting make up on some girls, while other's do their hair. Anna walks around helping them, while Mandi fixes any chipped polish. The little kids played in the corner, while a TV was playing. Once the girls were done, they walked out. So I followed them. We walk into a huge room, with chairs and couches everywhere. There the girls grabbed a pill off the counter, and swallow it.

"Oh my gosh. These poor girls," I murmur, watching them sit down. The door opens again,and the rest of the girls enter. They talk and laugh,keeping an eye on the door. I watch two little girls braid each other's hair, when I hear the door open. Men of all sizes walk in. That's when I realize where I am. I hurry toward the door, when a tap is on my shoulder. I slowly turn around, when a middle aged man with balding hair grins at me.

"Come girl," He cooes, "Let's go." He takes my hand, and pulls me towards a curtain.

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