Dating Niall Horan (13+)

Abby was a fan of One Direction in the early days. During the X-Factor, she helped dance in one of their songs. She was smitten by Niall, and by the end of the night, she hands him a paper with her number scribbled on it. Now a days, Niall is just a memory of Abby's. Sure, she wonders why he never called, but she doesn't dwindle on it. But as she moves to live with her cousin in Britain, she meets more people and many old.


18. Hanging out

Abby's POV-

Niall and I are making out, when we hear the door open. I pull away, and Niall leans closer. I put my hand over his mouth.

"Niall! People are coming over!!" I hop off him, and he stands from the bed. Niall grabs his and my shirt. I blush.

"Niall, when did these come off?" I shake my shirt, then realize I'm only in my bra. He laughs, and takes my shirt away.

"Please wear my shirt Love. I love seeing you in my clothes." I laugh, and take his red short-sleeved shirt. He smiles, and I pull it on.

"Niall, you have one messy head of hair," I fix his hair, and kiss his nose.

"Thanks. You do too love," he rakes his fingers through my long hair.

"No! Company Niall James!! Don't seduce me! Go greet them, and I'll be right there." I rush to the bathroom, and Niall walks to the living room. I rake my hair, and leave it down. I brush my teeth, and walk out of the bathroom. I hear laughing, and round the corner. El and Louis are laying on the floor, cuddling. Zayn is in one chair, with Perrie on his lap. Harry is in the other chair, holding a stuffed dolphin. Liam, Dani, Jayne, and Josh are on the couch. Niall is pulling out some bean bags, and pats one. I smile.

"Hey guys!! What to you want to do?" I plop down on a bean bag, right next to Niall. He rubs my back, and my eyes flutter.

"Man Niall. Is there something you do that makes her not all fluttery?" Harry laughs, gripping onto the animal. Everyone laughs. I grab a blanket from the pile in the corner, and spread it over us.

"Alright guys. What is the plan?" Dani scoots closer to Liam, and he wraps his arm around her. Jayne puts her head on Josh's shoulder, and he pulls her close.

"How about we play truth or dare?" Louis asks, while playing with El's fingers.

"Sure I'm game. Perrie, truth or dare?" Harry asks, grabbing a blanket.

"Truth. Your dares are nasty," Perrie makes a face.

"Have you and Zayn had sex?" Harry asks, smirking. Perrie's face turns red, and Zayn makes an evil face at Harry. Niall laughs, and scoots his bean bag closer to mine.

"I am not answering that!!" Perrie shouts, when she finds her voice.

"But you have to!!" Harry whines. Perrie takes a deep breath, and turns to Zayn. He shrugs.

"No." She says, throwing a pillow at Harry.

"Not yet." Zayn corrects her. The girls barf, and the boys whoop. Perrie snuggles into Zayn.

"All right. My turn. Uhm, Niall, Truth or Dare?" Niall thinks, and intertwines our fingers.

"Dare," His eyes shine with excitement. Perrie thinks, and smiles.

"You can't touch Abby until it's her turn!!" She smiles. I pull my fingers away, and Niall pouts. But not for long.

"My turn. My dear Abby, Truth or Dare?" He asks, grabbing my hand again. Perrie groans, "I didn't mean that!!"  I roll my eyes.

"I pick dare." I smile at my boyfriend.

"Alright, you have to make out with me, while they play this game!!" He jumps up, and grabs my hand. He pretends he can't pull me up. I laugh.

"We will play for ten minutes. You have ten minutes. GO!" Louis screams, and Niall runs to his room. I slowly get up, and follow him. I walk into his room, and his door slams shut behind me. Niall faces me, a smirk on him. I smile, and close the distance between us. I grab his face, and kiss him, passionately. He kisses harder, and hoists me up. I wrap my legs around his waist. He carries me over to the bed. He sits, and lays down. I straddle him, and my hair falls around us, like a curtain. We kiss, and hear laughing in the other room. I pull away, and look into Niall's eyes. He looks back at me, and rubs his thumb against my cheek.

"Abby, you are so beautiful," he whispers. I smile, and kiss him. He kisses back, slow and nice. I put my hands around the bottom of his shirt, and he smiles into our kiss. He pulls away, and takes off his shirt. Niall flips me over, and I'm on his bed. He lays down, hovering over me. I reach up for him, and he obeys. his hands cup my waist, and I lock my hands his neck. We kiss for a while longer, with an occasional shifting of positions. Niall pecks my neck, but I pull away.

"Niall, I will let you leave a hickie, but not a big one. Or noticeable. Okay?"  He smiles.

"If that means I can, of course." He leans in, and starts sucking on my neck. I moan, and Niall laughs into my neck, his breath tickling me. Once he finishes my new hickie, he kisses up my neck, along my jawline. He finally makes it to my mouth, and his tongue goes into my mouth. I pull away, kissing down his neck, and suck on his weak spot. I receive a moan from my boyfriend, and smile. Score for Abby. After leaving a decent hickie, I bring my head up to Niall's. I put my forehead against his, and he kisses my nose. The door bangs open, but our heads don't move.

"Thanks for calling me pretty Babe," I whisper to him.

"No problem gorgeous." He whispers back.

"ALRIGHT!! TIME'S UP!! NIALL PUT YOUR SHIRT BACK ON, ABBY FIX YOUR HAIR!! LET'S GO!!!" Louis yells, with everyone behind him, snickering. I kiss Niall on more time, before getting off his lap, and pulling him up. He pulls his shirt on, and I fix my hair.

"Ready?" I ask, as I grab for his hand. We intertwine our fingers, and walk into his living room to continue the game.

Author's Note-
Hey Guys!!! I have to take care of my sicky sister, so I'll have a lot of down time!!:) So, how is it? All the other times I've asked, no one answered, which made me sad:( So pretty please answer me!! I'm thinking about getting our cupcake a girl, but I need someone!! If you want to be her, please tell me some stuff about yourself in a comment. AAaAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Oh my cupcakes!!! I have a solo in our show choir, and we perform in like, five days!!! I'm so nervous, partly because I sing my solo, then my ex comes to sing a duet with me!! We aren't like, awkward, but still, I might mess up the words!!! And my birthday is 28th!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!! I'll stop boring you, bye!!!!
















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