Dating Niall Horan (13+)

Abby was a fan of One Direction in the early days. During the X-Factor, she helped dance in one of their songs. She was smitten by Niall, and by the end of the night, she hands him a paper with her number scribbled on it. Now a days, Niall is just a memory of Abby's. Sure, she wonders why he never called, but she doesn't dwindle on it. But as she moves to live with her cousin in Britain, she meets more people and many old.


2. Flashback

Abby's POV-
He helps me up, while apologizing the whole time.

" I am so sorry, I didn't see you there. Are you okay?" He asks, and I smile. I am a sucker for accents. Especially Irish ones.

" That's okay. I'm fine. I'm Abby," I say while sticking my hand out. He smiles."Niall," he grabs my hand. We talk for a little bit, but soon I'm called to go dance again, this time with the band.

"Bye Niall! I hope I can see you again!" I say while running off. We practice in a different room, because the boys  need time to sing and stuff. After about fifteen minutes, we walk into the stage room. There is Niall. Right where I have to dance. I blush and smile. Sweet! I quickly walk over to my spot, and the music starts. They sing, we dance. It was awesome. I loved it. Niall twirled me, and dipped me. Just like he was suppose to. It was  magical.I couldn't help but think of his girlfriend, who gets this all the time. The director gave us a break, and a curly haired boy came over.

" Looks like you got one Nialler! What's your name sweetheart?" He asks me, lifting my chin. I jerk away, and Niall laughs." Back off Harry, she doesn't like you," he snickers. I giggle too. His laugh is contagious.

"This is Abby." Niall says, proudly. I blush and just when he was about to ask me something, Jayne comes and rips me away.

" ABBY YOU LIKE HIM!!" She scream whispers into my ear. I rub my ear, and smile. " Good. There is a party after the performance.You can get your flirt on!!" She squealed. She has had many boyfriends in her years, and I have had one. It was a sad time. He actually broke up with me because of Jayne. She said no of course, but still. It hurt.

*Performance time*

It was awesome. Everything went perfect. Everyone went crazy. My solo performance went awesome. It was such a rush. When we ran off stage, My adrenaline was running. Jayne and I did our happy dance. I throw up my hair in a side pony, and grab my bag. I link arms with Jayne, and we skip to her car.

We pull up into Jayne's house, and it was huge! We walk into the house, everything looked expensive!! The counters were marble, there was a fireplace to the left, and a spiral staircase to the right. She runs up the stairs, and so do I. She pulls me into her room. This is familiar from Skype. Her room was lavender, with a white bed. She rips my suitcase apart, looking for a dress. I walk over, grab my light blue dress. It goes right above my knees, and it kinda frilly. It's spaghetti strapped. I grab some small heels. I look at Jayne. she had a strapless purple dress, with tall heels. We run into her bathroom, doing each other's makeup and hair. She straightened my thin straight blonde hair. I put her thick blonde straight hair in a bun, with little curled ringlets by her ears. We looked awesome.


We walk into the party house. All the contests were there, with all the dancers. A waiter walked past me. Ugh. There was alcohol. I cannot drink. We are only fifteen. We grab water, and I look for Niall. Someone wraps their arm around my waist. I grab it, turn around, and wrap it around his back. My dad is a police man, so he taught me self-defense.

" So you think you can wrap your arm aroun-" I stop, and let go of his arm. It was Niall. He rubs his shoulder.

" I didn't know you knew how to do that. teach me?" he says, and I blush and laugh nervously. Jayne is sitting there, so I introduce her. They shake hands, but Niall turns back to me right after she shakes her hand. She looks surprised. No boy does that.

"Dance?" He asks. I grab his hand, and look back at Jayne. She gave me a thumbs up. A slow song was on, so we slow danced. We talked and talked. He pulled me to the drinks, and got us waters. He introduces me to his band mates. They all seem nice. At the end of the night, we were like best friends.Or more.

"Abby, I really like you." Niall says, looking into my eyes. " I like you too Niall." He leaned in, and he kissed me. My first kiss. It was amazing. Jayne coughed, gave me a look, and walked to the car.

"Bye Niall." I said, slipping a paper with my number on it in his pocket.

Jayne and I went home, and fell asleep instantly.






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