Dating Niall Horan (13+)

Abby was a fan of One Direction in the early days. During the X-Factor, she helped dance in one of their songs. She was smitten by Niall, and by the end of the night, she hands him a paper with her number scribbled on it. Now a days, Niall is just a memory of Abby's. Sure, she wonders why he never called, but she doesn't dwindle on it. But as she moves to live with her cousin in Britain, she meets more people and many old.


9. discussion

 Jayne's POV-

Josh texted me right after Abby left. I can't wait for Josh to come home! I've never felt this way about anyone before!! Maybe Abby can go over to Niall's, while Josh and I have catching up to do. The door swings open, and there is my cousin. She lazily kicks off her shoes, drops her purse, and sits next to me.

"So how was the date Abbs?" She sighs.

"It was magical. Well, not really. The waitress spilled shake all over me, so Niall gave me his jacket," she snuggles into it. "And I got noticed with Niall. Then the fans yelled mean names at me. But I forgot all that stuff, because Niall asked me to be his girlfriend. I know it's soon, but we've waited years for each other. We had the 'I'm in love' kiss in the elevator, and the boys yelled at us!! Anyway, Niall has a band meeting, so he's gonna call me!" She bounces.

"That, my dear cousin, is called 'Falling in Love'. But it is a little early." She rolls her eyes. "Kidding, kidding!!" We hug, and watch TV till we fall asleep.



I wake up, and push Abby off the couch. Her head pops up.

"Hey what was that for?!" She pushes the hair out of her eyes.

"Sorry. Anyhow, Josh is coming home tonight, so I was wondering if you could hang at Niall's? We have some catching up to do."

"Ooooooohhhhh. I see. Ok sure. I was going to go there anyway, movie day!!"

"Great. Now go shower. We are having a cleaning day!! Josh can't think I'm messy!!" I pretend to act horrified, and Abby laughs. She walks into the hall, and I go get the cleaning supplies.

Abby's POV-

I let the hot water run down me, as I shampoo my hair. I massage my head, and rinse. I'm about to shampoo for the third time, when Jayne bangs on the door.

"Let's go! I need some help, Messy Beauty!!" I turn off the water, and quickly change. I pull my hair up in a messy bun, with an old shirt and sweats. She bangs again.

"Alright alright I'm coming, Impatient Beauty." I pull open the door, and steam flies out. She pulls me into the kitchen. She got groceries. I put them away, while she scrubs the dishes. The dishwasher bongs, and I start to unload it. Once the dishes were all clean or getting clean, we moved to the floor. She sweeps, while I scrub it on my knees. I hate sweeping, and she hates mopping by hand. I hear the doorbell, and Jayne scoffs.

"Who would come here? We don't have many friends." She keeps grumbling, and walks out. I turn back to my duty, and I hear the door closes.

"Who was it?" I look up from the stain we made on the first night. I see white converse.
"Niall!!" I jump up, and pull my hair behind my hair. I look horrible. He twirls me.

"Man, I should come when you clean more often. You look amazing," He pulls me into a hug. I hug back, and bury my head into his jacket, breathing in his scent.

"I was going to come over in a couple hours." I mumble into his shoulder. He laughs.

"Okay, but do me a favor. Wear something similar over, okay? I will be in sweats too. Movie day is lazy day." We pull away, and he kisses my knuckles. Jayne bats him away.

"Your distracting her! She was in the zone! Now be gone!! You can have her all afternoon, but she is mine this morning." He waves, and I go back to the stain.

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