Dating Niall Horan (13+)

Abby was a fan of One Direction in the early days. During the X-Factor, she helped dance in one of their songs. She was smitten by Niall, and by the end of the night, she hands him a paper with her number scribbled on it. Now a days, Niall is just a memory of Abby's. Sure, she wonders why he never called, but she doesn't dwindle on it. But as she moves to live with her cousin in Britain, she meets more people and many old.


22. Date

Niall's POV-

I look at my watch. I have to pick up Abby in an hour. We are going out to a restaurant, then meeting the boys and their girls at a big club. Harry is meeting some girl there. I walk around my bedroom, tidying up. I open up the drawer that holds Abby's clothes, and grab them. I pull out my dirty clothes, and walk towards the elevator. I click on the basement button. Soon the doors open, and I walk to the washer and dryers. I put in  some quarters, and the washing machine starts up. I pull out my phone, and text Abby.



hey babes! almost ready?



I press send, and my phone beeps quickly after.



almost babe! i just need to shower, just come in a half hour or so,kay?



I put my phone back into my pocket, and switch the clothes into the dryer. I leave a note for the maids, and walk upstairs. I go up to Harry's room, and knock. And knock. And knock. I get fed up, so I use my key.

"Harry?!" I call. I hear a door close.

"Yeah?" I walk over into the kitchen, and see Harry, his hair wet form a shower.

"What's up?" I plop down on a bar stool. Harry pulls out a beer, and slides it to me. I take a swig.

"Well, I'm surprised you remember me. Abby sick?" I roll my eyes.

"No she's not. I have to pick her up in a half hour, so I thought I'd kill time with my curly friend."

"The mates are coming too. We are just going to the club, so their girls are going to one house, and the guys are coming here. We were going to invite you, but I know you were going to give Abby that bracelet for your one month anniversary." He winks. I think I only remembered, but that's okay. I roll my eyes at him, and drink more. A bang comes from the door, and Harry runs over to the door. I hear yelling, and someone falls. Louis runs in, followed by Liam. Harry stumbles in, and Zayn jumps over him. I chug the rest of my beer, and hop of stool.

"Hey!!!! Looks who's out of love land?!" Louis laughs, slinging his arm over my shoulder.

"Lou, I'm still in there. So are you, and you and you," I point at the guys. Harry puts up his hands.

"Not me! I'm still loner!!" He laughs. I roll my eyes, and feel a Nerf bullet hit my cheek. I turn, and see Zayn run into Harry's hall. Louis throws one at me, and I catch it. I run down the hall, and kick open the hall closet. Liam's on the floor. I shoot him square in the balls.

"AAHH!! WHY?!" He screams, rolling on the ground.

"You know why," I pop my shirt, and run off. I sprint into Harry's bedroom, and trip over a pair of pants. His room is a mess! I hear some stumbling, and slide behind the door. Louis runs in, Zayn on his heels.

"Don't hit me!!" Louis screams, putting up his hands. I slink out, and shoot them both. I run out of the room.

"Get him!" Zayn laughs, running out after me. I sprint down the hall, and dive on the couch. I feel a spray of Nerf guns on my back. I crawl under a blanket, and shield most of the hurt. The blanket gets pull away, showing Harry with my phone.

"Why yes, Niall is here. Would you like him?" I grab it away from him, and run to the bathroom.

"Hey Babe, what's up?" I lock the door.

"Well, I was going to say I'm ready,but we can take a rain check. I think you are having fun with the guys," I hear her iPod music in the background.

"No, no. I'm about to leave to change. I'll be right there. Make sure you wear clothes that you can wear to a club. The others are going out, and asked us to come." I unlock the door, and walk to the front door. I wave to the guys, and head into the elevator.

"Oh, really?" She laughs. "Just make sure you don't over drink. I don't want to take you home drunk." The elevator opens to our floor, and I sprint to my room.

"Yea ma'am. I'll be there in five minutes, okay?" I throw open my door, and run to my room. I pull off my old shirt, and put on Abby's favorite jumper. I wiggle into nice jeans, and slip on my white converse. I put my wallet into my pocket, and run into the kitchen. I grab my keys off the island, and look outside. It's just about six, and the sun is moving down. I grab my jacket, and stroll outside. I walk down to Abby's door, and knock twice. Abby opens the door, her smile taking my breath away. She was wearing a striped tank-top, with a black jacket. She wears her hair down and curly. She's wearing her white skirt, that stops mid-length in the front, but trails to her ankles in the back. Her feet are in her new sandals, that she dragged me to see.

"Ready?" I ask, taking her hand. She nods, and walk down to the elevator. Rays hit us, as we walk past the large windows.

"I'm really glad you wore my favorite sweater of yours," she murmurs.

"This is a jumper, not sweater," I tease, kissing her cheek.


"What is this place?" Abby whispers, as we walk into the restaurant.

"It's a food joint." I smirk, and turn to the man at the counter.

"Reservation for Horan please."

"Right this way sir," He motions, and we follow. He show us to a table, with three candles in the middle.I pull out Abby's chair, and she sits. I run around the table to my seat. A waiter comes over, and hands us menus.

"Hello, I'm Jon, I will be your sever this evening. What would you like to drink?" Jon pulls out a pad of paper.

"I would like to have water, please," Abby smiles.

"Could I have the same?" I smile too. The waiter nods, and walks towards the kitchen. Abby sets her purse on the table, and pulls out an envelope.

"Happy one month," she murmurs, a blush creeping onto her cheeks. I pull out my present for her.

"Happy one month," I push the box over to Abby.

"Open  yours first."

"Fine," I laugh, and open the envelope. Inside, were tickets.

"There's this huge soccer match coming up, and I got you tickets. Liam helped me pick them out. I don't know much about soccer," She laughs, while fiddling with her hair.

"This is perfect. Thank you so much," I lean over the table, and peck her lips.

"Okay, open yours," I push the box closer to Abby. She slides the top off of the box. She gasps.

"Oh my gosh, Niall. It's beautiful," She pulls the charm bracelet out, and looks at it.

"There's an A, for Abby. And a mic, for me."

"Oh Niall. I love it." She kisses me,and holds it out.

"Put it on for me?"

"Sure Babe," I lock the chain, and it jingles. Our waiter comes back, with our waters. He pulls out a pad of paper.

"Do you know what you would like to order?" He asks. Abby nods.

"I would like to have the tomato basil soup please."

"Alrighty, and for you sir?"

"I'll have the steak, medium rare, please," I hand him my menu. He nods, takes Abby's, and walks away. I settle into my seat, and look at my beautiful girlfriend.


"So, where is this club exactly?" Abby laughs, swinging our intertwined fingers. I laugh too, and point down a ways.

"It's just a couple blocks that way. Are you going to drink?" I ask, out of habit.

"I think so." I'm in complete shock. I don't notice I've stopped walking until Abby tugs on my hand.

"Niall? What's wrong?" She tugs again.

"N-nothing. It's just, you never drink." I say, waving at the club in front of us. She laughs, and shrugs.

"I guess I thought I was going to have to drag your drunk ass home. But, I think that you won't cheat, and I trust you. So, I want to try a beer." She nods her head, and walks on. I follow her in, and the smell of beer fills my nose. I grab Abby's hand, and she weaves through the crowd. She finds the bar, and slides into a seat. I sit next to her, and flag down a worker.

"Two beers," I yell over the music, sliding a couple bills over to him. He nods, and walks away. I turn to Abby, who is looking at the dance floor.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

"I'm looking for everyone else." She points at a round booth in a corner. Liam and Danielle were snogging, and Perrie and Zayn were sliding out of the booth. Harry was out talking to some girl, and Louis and El were dancing. The bartender slides the beers to me. I shove the cold drink at Abby, and she holds it in her hands. She holds it up to her lips.

"On three. One, two, three!" She takes a sip, while I drink half of mine. Abby's face is one of thinking, as she swishes her second sip in her mouth. She swallows, and looks at me. I laugh at her face.

"How's it taste?" I take a sip of hers.

"Well, it's kind of good. Just strong at first. Give me that!" She laughs, taking it back. Abby takes a big swig, and swallows.

"So, shall we find our friends?" She hops down from the stool, grabs her beer, and walks towards the booth. I take mine, and follow her. I lace my fingers through hers, and she leads me over to the booth. She slides into the booth, me following. Liam and Dani pull away, and wave.

"Do you like the tickets?" Liam wipes his mouth with his arm, and I nod.

"Did you like that snog session?" I laugh, sipping my beer. He nods, and I laugh again.

"Let me see your bracelet!!" Dani squeals, grabbing Abby's arm. She wiggles the bracelet, the charms jingling.

"It's gorgeous!"
"I know!" Abby giggles, grabbing her drink. She takes a swallow, and makes a face.

"Still very strong," she laughs.

"So, can you believe it's been a month?! It's like you two have known each other for ages!" Dani laughs, sipping her drink.

"It has felt longer!" Abby agrees. I finish my beer, and look at Liam.

"Dude, you okay?" I look at him, and he shakes his head. I kiss Abby's head, and murmur where I'm going. I grab Liam and drag him to the bathroom. Once inside, I shove him to a toilet. He starts puking mid way there, but made it into the bowl. I stand in the stall doorway, patting his back. Once he's finished, he slumps on the ground.

"What did you eat?" I ask.

"I didn't eat anything bad. I don't know!" He picks himself up, and he looks a little green. I grab the bucket in the corner, and lead Liam to the door. I text a cab, and set him on the curb. I push his hat on tight, so no one notices him, and run back in for Danielle. Abby and her are laughing and talking.

"Dani! Liam threw up, and is outside. A cab will pick him up pretty soon," I slide next to Abby. Dani grab her purse.

"He said he didn't feel well. Bye! See you guys later!" She waves, and scurries out. Abby finishes her beer, and looks at her watch.

"Okay Niall. It's eleven-thirty. I have work tomorrow, and," Abby stops, as Louis and Eleanor slide in the booth.

"Hey! You guys aren't leaving are you?!" El grasps to Abby's hand. I take out my watch, looking at the time. She was right. But it wasn't really late.

"Uhm, well I guess we can stay," Abby says, as Eleanor pulls her to the dance floor. Louis slides over to me, nodding to the girls.

"Did she like her present?"

"Yep. Loves it," I wave down the bartender, and he nods. Soon, two more beers are coming our way.

"Where did Liam go?" Louis asks, grabbing one of the beers.

"He puked, so Danielle took him home."

"Ah. Did you meet Harry's little friend?" Louis points at them, grinding on the floor. I roll my eyes.

"Of course not! When should we introduce ourselves?" I ask, following Louis out of the booth. We walk to them, and Louis taps Harry's shoulder.

"When were you going to introduce us?!" Louis screams, making Harry more uncomfortable than before.

"Oh sorry.Guys, this is Siri. Siri, that's Niall and Louis," he waves at us, and we wave back.

"Yeah hi, c'mon Harry!" She squeals, hurting my ears. He nods, and they disappear in the crowd.

"C'mon Niall!" Louis imitates. I laugh, and El appears from behind Louis.

"Let's go Babe. I need to tell you things," I hear in my ear. I turn, and see a seductive grin on. I nod, and we run outside. We call a cab, and climb in. On our way there, Abby pulls out her phone. She sends a text, and puts it back.

"Your place?"

"Of course." The cab pulls up to our building, and we sprint in. We skip the elevator, me chasing her up the stairs. Abby gets to the door, and I unlock it. Before we are even inside, she hops up, kissing my neck. I slam the door shut, and walk her to the bedroom.


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