Dating Niall Horan (13+)

Abby was a fan of One Direction in the early days. During the X-Factor, she helped dance in one of their songs. She was smitten by Niall, and by the end of the night, she hands him a paper with her number scribbled on it. Now a days, Niall is just a memory of Abby's. Sure, she wonders why he never called, but she doesn't dwindle on it. But as she moves to live with her cousin in Britain, she meets more people and many old.


11. Date with the boys

Abby's POV-

We pull into the restaurant and it looks really nice. Niall helps me out, and we walk into the place. It was beautiful inside. The tables have white table cloths, with roses or candles in the center. The waiters are wearing ties, and look very polite. Niall steers me towards the reservation desk.

"Hi George," Niall greets the man.

"Hey Niall. The monthly girlfriend date hu.Who's this? The girl you've been dreaming about for years?" He winks at me, and Niall blushes.

"Alright alright. Reservation for Louis Tomlinson." George chuckles.

"Okay, here follow me." He winds us through the restaurant. I see Louis and Eleanor, Zayn and Perrie, Liam and Danielle, and Harry. We walk over, and the girls push their chairs out and rush over to me.

"Hi Abby!! We've heard so much about you!" Eleanor squeals as they all hug me. They are all wearing nice dresses. Perrie's is a full length, with maroon stripes. Danielle is wearing a dress that flows down in the back, but in the front was short. It's a creamy color. Eleanor is wearing a short dress that is flowy and frilly and it a mint green. They are all wearing heels.

They sit back down, and Niall pulls out my chair for me. We are sitting on either side of the long table. On one side is Niall, me, Perrie, and Harry. On the other side is Dani, Liam, Louis, and Zayn. We talk and eat and laugh. I feel so happy with these people.

Once we were done eating, Harry stand.

"There is a club a couple blocks from here, who wants to go?" We all agree. Niall takes my hand, and we walk out. All of us walk, and we meet the line for the club. When we finally find the front of the line, Harry shakes hands with the man in front of the door. We walk in, earning groans from the line. The smell of beer and sweat hit my nose, but we pass the drunks. We go into a VIP lounge, where people aren't as crazy for beer. Niall goes to get him a beer, and me a water.  The rest of the boys go too, and the girls come close.

"Aww Abby! You make him so happy! One time he met a girl, who wouldn't leave him alone, but he thought that they were perfect. She was such a slut! Ugh! We went to some club, and she didn't drink a single shot, but ended up leaving with someone else! Thank goodness he found you! He only went out with her because Paul wanted him to move on." Dani told me. Wow.

"And we so need to hang out more!! We all are going to be stuck with them!" El giggles.  I see a person out of the corner of my eye. Lou comes and kisses El.

"C'mon babe. You are mine tonight." He tug her over, and kisses her neck. They go dance. Soon Liam comes, with waters for Dani and him.

"Here you go Dani," he says, leaning in. They share a kiss, and Perrie and I pretend to barf. They laugh, and go over to some couches.

"So Abby, Is Niall a good kisser?" She scoots closer to me. I laugh.

"He's a pro, for someone who had two girlfriends." She laughs. "How's Zayn?" I ask, as I see him and Niall talking.

"Oh he is the best! When we are both home. That's what sucks. Luckily we both are on break at the moment. But in a couple weeks, I have to go to recording, and Zayn has some too." She sighs.

"That's why you are going on the dance floor with me," Zayn says pulling her away. She waves, and I sit, waiting for Niall. Some guys come and sit by me. They look around my age.

"Hey babes, why don't you come out on the dance floor, and we can get freaky!" One of them slurs. He grabs my arm, and I hit him. The other two laugh.

"Watch it Jay. Maybe she likes me." Jay shrugs and leaves, while the second guy tries to kiss me. I scoot away, and the third sits on the other side on me.

"Well well well. Looks like you're out of luck too, Luke. Lemme try," Luke leaves too, which leaves me with the third boy. I look for Niall, but I don't see him.
"Hey it's okay, I won't bite. Yet. Maybe after you show me where I'm allowed to touch you," He leans in, but was pulled away. I see Niall, with the boys. The boys are behind him, holding their girls. Except Harry of course, but he was chatting with someone.
"So you think you can drag your drunk ass and hit on MY girl?! And you try to play HER?! Have some fricking respect for women. I should pound you so hard right now. How'd you get back here? Dude, get your ass out of here, before I kick it." Niall's eyes are filled with anger, and hate.The kid looks at the boys, and books it. Niall runs to me. I run out of the booth, and hug him.

"I'm so sorry Abby. I spilled. So I had to go get more. The line was huge! I'm so sorry." He mumbles into my neck. He starts to kiss me there, and the rest of our friends leave. My eyes flutter close, and I put my hand in his hair. He breaks from me, and looks at my neck. He smirks.

"You did NOT leave a hickie." His smirks widens. He plays with my hair.

"Might want to leave your hair down tomorrow." I hit his arm, and pull him onto the dance floor. We dance to a couple songs, and we go to the bar for drinks. We sit, and Niall plays with my fingers. My water comes, and his beer does. He takes a sip, and steals my water. After drinking half of it, he gives it back to me. I take a sip, and a making out couple bumps into me. Nothing spills, but I turn. It's Louis and El. Niall pushes Louis, and they pull apart.
"Dude what the he- Oh, hey Nialler. Nice hickie Abby." I pull my hair over it. El smiles.

"I'll show you how to cover them. Some people give them out like candy." She pokes Louis in the cheek. He grab her hand, and kisses it tenderly. He starts to suck on her hand, and she tries to pull away. When he finally pulls off, her hand is red and slobbery. She groans.

"Not on my hand Lou! I have work tomorrow!!" She playfully hits him, and he pulls her into a kiss. They start making out again. I roll my eyes, and look at Niall. He winks at me, and pulls me into a kiss. We stand and go over to the booth. We lean on the table. Niall seems deep in thought. He takes my hand.

"Abby?" He asks, playing with my fingers.

"Mhhmmm?" I look at him. He has a worried look on his face.

"Are we rushing? Like are we taking this too fast?" I get up, and he does too. I pull him close, with my finger in his belt loops.

"Niall, we didn't date anyone, and waited for each other. So no, I don't." His eyes flicker to my lips. He bites his, and I want his lips against mine. I pull him closer, and crash our lips together. His hands rest on my waist, and my fingers never move. When we pull apart to breathe, he smiles at me. I look at him, wondering what his deal is. I looks down, and my hands are still there. I move them away.

"Sorry," I mumble. He grabs my hands and put them back.

"I don't mind. Now I have an excuse to my hands here." He places them on my butt. I gasp, and he pulls me into a kiss. We are in the middle of making out, when someone pushes us apart. We breath, and look at who ever dare interrupt us. It was Harry.

"Hey. They rest of the couples left, probably doing what you guys are now. Except with less clothing." He smirks. I punch him in the arm. 

"Hey! What was that for?" He rubs the spot. "Well, I'm going. Mum wants me to drive up for Gemma's party thing tomorrow. Peace." We watch his curls disappear in the crowd. Niall takes my hand.

"Let's go back. I have an idea." We walk out, and there are paparazzi.  The cameras flash, and questions fly every where.
"Niall, is this your girlfriend?"

"Girl, how did you meet?"

"Niall, will you leave her for someone else?"

"Have you guys slept together?" I gasp. Does everyone think all famous people do is have sex. I didn't realize that I stopped until Niall tugs on my hand.

"Abby. Are you okay. Abby?" He comes and holds my head in his hands. The paparazzi snap photos. I feel tears build up.

"Do people really think all we do is have sex? I'm a virgin." I whisper the last part, and look down. He pulls up my head, and leans in. This kiss is sweet, cute. The cameras go crazy. He pulls away, and laces our fingers. I guess that is our thing. We walk to the cab, and zoom away from the club. I pull out my phone, and see three new texts.


Hey Abby!! It's El!! Lou gave me ur # so we can hang!



I smile, and add her in my contacts.


Hi Abbigal!! Its perrie! hope we can hang out soon! just hav to distract zayn!lol



Awww Perrie! I quickly add her, and move on.

FROM- 223-8713

watsup my homie!! lol jk its dani!!! i kno we need to hav a girlfriend day! shopping, mani/pedis, and talk about girl stuff!!



I giggle, and add Dani too. My phone vibrates.

FROM- Niall<3

Hey babe, pay attention to me!! My lips are getting chapped over here!



I roll my eyes. I look at him, and he crashes his lips against mine. We kiss for a while, and have to break apart when we pull up to our building. I climb out, and take off my heels. I'm going to have a lot of blisters. Niall runs over, and we walk up. As we wait in the elevator, I remember what he said to me at the club.

"Niall, what was your idea?" He grins.

"Well, we all gave each other keys to our apartments. So I was thinking, let's barge in on them, since they always do to us." Niall's eyes shin with excitement. I nod, and we run to our rooms. I forgot my keys, so Niall let me use his clothes. We run into his room, and he tosses me a shirt and shorts. I go into the bathroom, and he follows.

"Niall," I start.

"Babe, I saw you in a towel. I think I can see you in a tank top and spandex." I quickly change, and look at Niall. My eyes fall to his stomach. How did I not notice his rock hard abs? I catch my self, but not before Niall did.

"Abby, it's okay. I peeked at you too." I punch him, and race out of his room.

"Okay, so it's about midnight, and the boys are all on different floors. Lou on one, Liam two, Zayn three, us four, and Harry five. Harry doesn't have a girl over, so let's go to Louis first." We run down to the elevator.



Hey Guys!! I made up the numbers, so sorry if they are yours!! I just pressed ramdom keys!! Hope you like it!!

Farmgirl52 :)


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