Dating Niall Horan (13+)

Abby was a fan of One Direction in the early days. During the X-Factor, she helped dance in one of their songs. She was smitten by Niall, and by the end of the night, she hands him a paper with her number scribbled on it. Now a days, Niall is just a memory of Abby's. Sure, she wonders why he never called, but she doesn't dwindle on it. But as she moves to live with her cousin in Britain, she meets more people and many old.


14. Clubbing

Niall's POV-

We were walking back from a meeting, and Harry wanted to go clubbing.

"C'mon guys, you can bring your girls." I perk up, at the mention of Abby.

"Ya guys! Abby had her first day at work, and needs to unwind!" After much debating, Zayn agrees.

"I'm really tired, but fine." We whoop, and I run up the one flight of stairs. I walk up to Abby's door, and ring the doorbell. Abby opens the door, her beautiful face looking tired.

"Oh Abby. You look so tired. I was going to ask if you wanted to go out, but you look so tired." I try to hide my disappointment. She lights up.

"Oh I'm not that tired! I want to go! I'll be ready in fifteen minutes!" She kisses my cheek, and closes the door. It takes me a minute to register this, and I run to my room. I quickly pull on a white shirt, with jeans. I pull on a belt, and run to my bathroom. I smooth my hair, and grab some cologne. Then I go and brush my teeth. I grab my wallet, and my phone. I check to make sure I have my keys, and shut the door behind me. I walk and ring the doorbell. Abby appears, her hair down, straighten. She pulls me inside.

"I just have to do my make-up," and I roll my eyes. I follow her into her room, and plop onto her bed. She's wearing shorts. Her shirt is short sleeved, and has splashes of color on it. Once she's done, she grabs her little bag, and pulls me up.

"Ready? I don't have work tomorrow, so we can stay out." I grin, already planning what we will do tomorrow.


Abby's POV-

We wait in the lobby for the others, and I pull out my phone. New text.


Abbigal, why haven't you told us about this new boyfriend of yours? Your little sister told us she saw you kissing some boy on a cover of a magazine!


Shoot. I quick text her, telling her it's the boy I was drooling about when I came back from my first trip. I look up, and El is emerging from the elevator. Niall grabs at my hand, and slides me onto his lap. He's sitting on the couch, and I was on the arm. He nuzzles my neck.

"I'm excited for tonight Love," He murmurs into my hair. I smile, and El plops down next to us, Louis hot on her heels.

"El, you left me!" He puts his arm around her, and she pats his cheek.

"You took a long time Love," She smiles. The elevator bings, and Zayn and Liam emerge, with their girls. We all plop down, and wait for Harry.

"Why is Harry the last one, when this was his idea?" Niall asks, obviously agitated. I turn and kiss him on the mouth. I hear puking noises, and I smile into our kiss. Niall snickers, and I pull away.

"Are you still mad?" My blue eyes looking into his.

"A little." He pulls me towards him, and I peck his lips. He pouts when I pull away, but before he can complain, Harry comes out of the elevator. I jump up, and so does Niall.

"About bloody time! The place will be closed by the time we get there." Zayn grumbles, pulling Perrie closer. We walk out of the building, and walk to the club around the corner. The line was at least a block long! But Harry goes up to the front, shakes hands with the bulky guy in front of the door, and in we go. We went to the bar, and Niall ordered a beer. I don't like the stuff, so I get a water. The couples disperse, and Harry meets up with some girl. Niall gets his beer, and chugs it.

"Niall, do NOT get drunk. Be careful. I'm not dragging your butt home. Got it?" I grab his shoulder, and he nods.

"I hear you Abby. Just don't attract any weird guys who want to get in your pants." I blush, and punch him. I sip my water, and Dani comes over.

"Niall, get out of here. I need to talk to Abby! Go find Liam!" She pulls him out of his chair, and pushes him towards Liam.

"We got dumped mate," Liam pulls Niall towards the dance floor. Dani turns around in the twisty, bar stool. I laugh.

"So, how's Niall?" She asks, eagerly leaning in. I laugh.

"He is great. How's Liam?"

"Oh he's fine. He's just stressed about things. Like, when will he leave me, if I have to work and leave him. Just little things like that." She plays with the straw in her beer. I nod.

"He really likes you, Dani. Maybe us girls should do a shopping day, get your mind off things." She looks up, and nods.

"I would love to!! I haven't had one of those for months!!" She hugs me tight. After she lets go, I take a sip of water. A strong arm slides around my waist, and I see Liam behind Dani. I turn my cheek, waiting for Niall to kiss me.

"Do you want a kiss?" He whispers in my ear. A shiver runs up my spine, and he finds this funny. He laughs, and some drunk couples look at us.

"Come Love, I requested a slow song, so we can dance." He tries pulling me out to the dance floor.

"Niall, I can't dance!" I try prying his hand off mine, but he won't let go.

"You can too. Remember, the X-Factor? Come on, It's just a slow song, nothing big." I roll my eyes, and allow him to pull me out on the dance floor. I put my arms around his neck, locking fingers.Niall puts his hands on my waist, but not too low. We slowly sway to the music, Niall singing under his breath. I smile, loving to hear him sing. I put my head on his shoulder, and he brings me closer. We stay close until the song ends. When it does, Niall pulls me over to some couches. He sits, and pulls me unto his lap. He nuzzles my neck, and I giggle.

"Niall, stop. It tickles," I giggle. He puts his hands on my ribs, and I lose it. He quickly takes them off, because we are in public.

"If we weren't in public, you would be at my mercy," He whispers in my ear. I nod.
"Yes I know Babe," I whisper, while closing the distance between us. Someone coughs, and I look up, and see a girl.

"Excuse me, but could I have a dance?" She asks. I can't believe her. How dare she?! I'm about to scream, when Niall whispers in my ear.

"Abby, it's only one dance." I get off his lap, and walk over to the bar. I see Niall take her out on the floor, and she puts her arms around his neck. Where MY hands should be. I sit and play on my phone, for like three songs. I look up, and see them out there, still. El appears, and Louis right behind her.

"Abby, what's wrong?" She takes a seat next to me, and I grab my water. I drink it, and stand.

"Nothing El, thanks for asking. But I have to be leaving now. I'll see you later." I hug her. She looks around for Niall.

"But where's Niall?" I shrug.

"It's fine, but I really gotta go. Bye Lou, Bye El." I walk out, and hear El yell something. I rip open the door, and walk back to my building. I look up, and see the beautiful stars. I take a deep breath. I'll just tell Niall that I didn't feel good. Or was sick of seeing someone else touch where I do. And when he said one song, but stayed for half the night. It will take him a while to see I'm gone. I feel a tap on my shoulder.

"Go away Niall," I spin around, to see a really handsome, tall guy. He grins.

"I'm not this Niall, but my name is Andrew." He sticks out his hand, and I shake it.

"My girlfriend went and asked your boyfriend to dance. At least, it looked like he was. Do you sit on everyone's lap?" I giggle.

"No, I don't. But yes, that was my boyfriend. We'll see how long he'll keep that title." I see the door open, and see someone come out. He has blonde hair. Not wanting to take any chances, I quick say good bye.

"Listen Andrew, I gotta go. But I'll see you around?" He nods, and I rub his arm. I quickly turn, and walk faster towards my apartment building. I look, but don't see Niall behind me. I walk up the steps, and look at the couches. Niall and I made out there, like a couple hours earlier. I sigh, and walk into the elevator. I push our floor number, and the door closes. But not before I see my boyfriend walk in.

"Abby, wait!" I see someone come behind him, that girl. Ugh. I wait for the elevator go up, and when it opens, I run to my room. I know Niall will run up the stairs, so I don't have much time. I push the key in the slot, and it opens. The stairs open, and Niall bursts through.

"ABBY!!!" I shut the door, and lock it. I hear running, and hear him knock, lightly.

"Abby, please open the door." His voice cracks, and it takes all my strength not to pull open the door, and comfort my boyfriend. I hear his breathing slow down.

"Abby please," he whispers. I sit down, and wait for him to leave. Finally I hear his feet go towards his room. His door slams, and he throws stuff. I hear him kick something, then silence. I cry, and run to my room. I run into Jayne in the process. She hold my shoulders.

"Abby, what happened?" I hug her, and mumble in her ear what happened. She gasps. We make it to the kitchen, and she hands me a bowl of ice cream. I eat it, and she finishes hers.

"Jayne, do you think I was overreacting?" I ask, looking at my ice cream. She takes a deep breath.

"Abby, maybe you are. I mean, it is just a dance. You could've gone and danced with someone else too, you should've. I mean, that would make his jealous blood flowing. He wouldn't leave your side. I say, go back and apologize, and if that happens again, just ask some boy to dance too. You shouldn't just wait around." I nod.

"Okay, tomorrow I will apologize. Now I'm going to bed. Thanks Jayne." I hug her close, and run to my room. All and all, bad day.

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