Dating Niall Horan (13+)

Abby was a fan of One Direction in the early days. During the X-Factor, she helped dance in one of their songs. She was smitten by Niall, and by the end of the night, she hands him a paper with her number scribbled on it. Now a days, Niall is just a memory of Abby's. Sure, she wonders why he never called, but she doesn't dwindle on it. But as she moves to live with her cousin in Britain, she meets more people and many old.


27. Boss

Boss's POV-

I turn around in my chair. Zach and Daniel storm in, happy about something.

"Guess what Boss?!" Daniel yells. I look at him, and Zach slaps him.

"When we snuck in, Abby got up. She tried to hit us with an umbrella and-"

"Did you hurt my girl?!" I yell, jumping out of my seat, and slamming my hands on the desk. They both jump back, and shake their heads.

"She just fell on her way to hit us, and hit her head. But we put a bandage on her head. So she's good as new!" Zach says. I roll my eyes.

"So, did you get rid of the pop-star?" I say, sitting back down.

"No, but we threatened her. If she told anyone, we'd end him." Daniel pipes up. I nod, and knead my temples.

"So, what are you going to do with her when we get her?" Zach asks.

"I'm not sharing her. So don't even think about it." I mutter. Zach shrugs, and inches towards the door.

"Boss? Why do you want this Abby girl anyway? If you could get all those gorgeous women outside?" Daniel asks.

"Because Daniel. Abby is mine. She will be mine. So, that's why. She's the only one that I see as my wife. Which she will be," I laugh. Now all I have to do is get rid of the damn Niall kid."


Abby's POV-

"Niall,really. I just fell." I say for at least the twelveth time. Niall follows me out of the room.
"Are you sure? It looks bad," Niall pulls me into him, as tears almost spill over.

"What's wrong Abby? I'm not leaving you. I never will." I want to cry hearing this.

"Okay. I believe you." I say. I grab  my bag, and kiss him goodbye.

"I have a really big announcement for you tonight. I can't wait!" Niall kisses my nose, and I walk out. I quickly go into my home, and flop onto my bed.

"What am I gong to do?!" I cry. An envelope slides under my room, and I pick it up.

Dump your boy, or he dies.

My cry sounds like I'm dying. Which is what is happening. I can't dump the boy I love. What am I going to do?! I flop onto my bed, and cry again.


I look up at my phone, after crying all day.



hey babe! cum over?




ya ill b ther


I wipe my eyes, and put on some makeup so I don't look like I cried all day. I change into my sweats, and pull up my hair. I stumble out of my room, and grab my keys. I knock quietly on Niall's door, and it's pulled open. Niall's shining eyes meet mine, and he kisses me passionately.  I kiss him back eagerly, then realize I have to dump the best thing that has happened to me.

"Abby, come in." Niall pulls me in, and jogs ahead. He flops onto the couch,  and I see a box on the counter.

"Niall, I have to talk to you," I say, my voice thick.

"Okay, but I have to say something first. Abby, I love you. There I said it," Niall beams, and waits for my reaction.

"Well, I'm breaking up with you," I say. Niall's face drops.

"W-what? Why?" His voice small. "What did I do?" He asks, tears forming in his eyes.

"It's not you, it's me. I-I just need time to myself. Okay?" I say. I kiss his cheek, and get off his couch. I put my hand on the knob.

"Bye Niall."

"Bye Abbs. I love you." Niall murmurs. I walk out, the tears falling out.

"Why can't people leave me alone!" I wail. I run inside my own house. I didn't see the person in the hall, or see him pull out his phone. I never heard him say into the phone, "She dumped him. Yep, I'll take her now."  I just slammed my door, and cried on my couch. I also didn't hear my boyfriend in the other room, wailing as loud as I am right now.

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