What if you've been a mermaid all your life- but only just found out?

Gaia has just turned 17- and wakes up on her birthday to find herself underwater, with a tail. Great. She's a fish. Just what she wants to know. But she finds herself entangled with adventure, love, and courage she never knew she had.

A tail (see what I did there?) of love and hope that will make you want to read more.


3. The Palace

Cynthira opens the door of my room, and holds it for me. I smile my thanks, and make my way out. It's weird, having her treat me this way. Gaia, the girl from next door, a mermaid...no. I stop and remind myself I'm dreaming. She grabs my arm and spins me round and gasps.

"Just look at it from the outside!" she squeals, mesmorised. To my surprise, my bedroom is a whole house. Not even a house. A shell. One large shell. It's beautiful. Coral and pale blue, with little tiny pearls dotted round the door. I brush my finger along one. "They aren't real," Cynthira says, shrugging. "Maybe they could've been. If we hadn't of lost the pearl..." her voice trails off. "Again, you have a lot to learn. Your mimino will organise you a trip to the librrano, I can imagine."

I love the way she rolls her tongue on the "r". I suspect the "librrano" is a library.

"I'd like that," I say, as Cynthira guides me through the thick water. "Stop!"

I stop, and freeze in my tracks. Has she seen something?! A shark?! I look around me. Long endless water that stretches out for miles. Little fish on the seabed. "What?" I hiss through gritted teeth.

"Close your eyes!" she giggles. I do so, and she drags my arm through the sea. "We're almost at the palace..Galithina! I told you to close your eyes! It must be a surprise!"

I laugh and close the eye I had begun to open. "Sorry!" I say, sheepishly.

After a good long while of being dragged along, she finally lets me open my eyes.

I do so. My eyes reveal a shimmering crystal palace, tall and glittery, with little dark windows, most only showing emerald velvet drawn curtains, as of the early hour. Two tall marble statues, portraying the body of royal looking seahorses, stand at either side of the entrance, beside two mermen. They are dressed in armor. Cynthira points out that it's made from some kind of whale skin, and shark bone. The whole thing, all together looks like something from a dream. I gasp to show my appreciation.

"Come now!" Cynthira shrieks, excited, pulling me to the entrance. She nods at the gaurds, and they do so back. They pull open large, old looking doors. I think the doors look as if not even the strongest enemy could knock them down. I smile at the gaurds but they're faces might as well be stone. We pass through the creaking doors, and come into an entrance hall. The floors are covered in azure and topaz pebbles, and the walls are draped with blue silk, slightly opaque. Cynthira points out it's crafted by some of their greatest designers. We slip through crystal doors with sapphire handles. Everything looks too expensive and precious to touch. This room has glass sculptures of famous mermaids, and royals. I wonder if any are my mimino. Cynthira, even though visited this place many times before, looks as if she is a young child, discovering something amazing for the first time. She admires a laced blue and white curtain, which is so long that it graces the little pebbles on the floor. "Just look! Look at that tiny little detail!" She picks at a thread, unhooking it from it's place. It is very pretty. "Come!" She beams. "Let us not be late!" Before I can say a thing, her webbed fingers are hooked round my dainty wrist, pulling me through more doors. Before we turn the corner, she stops me. "Quiet now, young merliciano. This is the throne room, where your mimino is waiting!" I nod, and press my lips together. I brush myself up a bit, and secure my top back into place.

"I'm ready," I whisper. She smiles, and pulls me round the corner. She swims down a long ailse that leads up to a beautiful throne, blue with big white pearls round the edge. And there's mimino. I gasp, and quickly catch up with Cynthira.

"Your highness, she is here."

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