Why me?

This is my entry for the poetry competition. It's about a boy who is plagued by bullying. I hope you like it.


1. Why me?

Why must you be?

So mean to me?

Do your friends say you're cool?

When you're being so cruel?


You call me a queer

And all your friends sneer

Why can't you realise?

What's going on behind my eyes?


I pretend I don't care

And wave it away

Like it's a bee in my hair

But afraid of you, I stay


Sometimes I think

That no one is on my side

Some days, when you hurt me

I want to run and hide


Have you any idea?

Of the pain you put me through?

I can honestly say,

I don't think you do


So all I can ask,

In this final hour

While I have the power

Why me?


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