Bella thought that her trip to London with her friend Jessica would be normal just like any of the other ones she had taken the year before,but what happens when 5 sexy guys walk into the wild 18-year-old's life?


3. Zayn Malik

Bella's P.OV.

When I got home I remembered that I had left my phone number on Zayn's phone and I smile. I walk around and its too quiet what had happened to my belgian sheepdog Midnight. It wasn't normal for hin to be this quiet.

"Midnight," I call. I hear a rustle but nothing more I head to my bed room and there lays Jessi and Midnight I just laugh.

"I felt terible that I couldn't go clubbing with you because I was busy, so I came to your apartment to spend some girly time and I find that you aren't home, so Bella where have you been?" she asked.

"Somewhere, wait how did you get in here?" I ask her.

"Well remember when you gave me keys to drop some stuff off at your house well I made copies just in case."

"What ever I don't care," I say," well I have been with a guy I met at the bar his name is Zayn."

"Like Zayn Malik?" she asks as she is a full-time directioner.

"That guy from One Direction right?"

"Yeah exactly I heard he was here for a while and he is going back to Britain but I'm not sure where,"she tells me," do you think it is the same guy?"

"Maybe, what does this Zayn look like?" I ask Jessi.

"like this," she says and hold up her iPhone and I was in shock it was him I slept with a celbrity!

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