Bella thought that her trip to London with her friend Jessica would be normal just like any of the other ones she had taken the year before,but what happens when 5 sexy guys walk into the wild 18-year-old's life?


2. Breakfast

Zayn's P.O.V.

Bella was sleeping and I knew she was just another one night stand but there was something about her that was just so amazing. As I watched her chest rise and fall I remembered that we had to go back home to England to meet with Simon today. I quietly got up and took a shower. What am I going to do with Bella I need her to go this morning so I can pack my things but that would be rude. After my shower I saw that Bella was not in my bed and I felf relived then i smelt something cooking and I relized that she was cok ing. I groaned when i went down to the kitchen and my suspitions were correct there she was in her strapless flowy dress making pancakes.

"You didn't have to do that," I said.

"But I wanted to,"she replied.God how am I going to get her to leave will she go by herself?I hope so.

"Zaynie?' she asked," are you there?"

" Yes sorry I was day dreaming sorry ," I appoligized.

'So what I had siad was that after we eat I need to go back to the bar to pck up my car  and I was wondering if you would take me there."

"Yes of corse I will,"  I replied.

We sat down and ate. After breakfast I drove her back to the bar and she hopped out and climbed into her car. Woah, it was a Porshe. I reaced in my pocket to call the rest of the boys when I noticed I left it in my flat. I drove back and I got my phone and I searched for Liams name and I noticed take Bella's phone number was on my contact list. I sighed ,that girl. Then I similed and called Liam.

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