Bella thought that her trip to London with her friend Jessica would be normal just like any of the other ones she had taken the year before,but what happens when 5 sexy guys walk into the wild 18-year-old's life?


1. Clubbing


Bella's P.O.V.

"Please Bella," James,my  Ex boyfriend whined,"I want you back."

"Umm I don't think you have the right number 'cause I remember I told to never freaking," James laughs at my unwillingness to curse but I ignore it,"call me back and I remember all the things you said about me behind my back and don't think I don't remember that night with Sophia."

"But baby, you..," he started.

"Don't you 'But baby' me I'm over you so leave me the fuck alone," I scream at him then hang up. My phone rings again and I look at the caller ID and I see that it  is James I block him then go back to watcking the tele. There's nothing good on so I turn it off and log on to my twitter. I check the trends and  soon get very bored. Then an advertizement for a some high rated bar pops up and I think what the heck and click on it and it sends me to a webpage I quickly write down the adress. I call my best friend Jessi and she picks up on the last ring.

"What," she groans then I hear a slight moan..

"Well, I was wondering if you would go clubbing with me but it sounds like you're busy,"I laugh.

"Yeah Andrew is over I will text youu when we're done, by Bella," she says and hangs up.

I sigh  I'll go by myself. I dress into a short flowy red dress and some black heels then I put on eye liner and mascara and curl my long brown and gold bleached hair. When I'm finally done I look stunning. I hop into my black Porsche Panamera that my Mom and Dad got me for my birthday in June it's July now. I drive to the bar and I'm amazed it was so big. I got out of my car and walked into the bar instantly I'm greted with the smell of smoke, alcohol, and sex it wasn't that bad of a smell actually I liked it. I walked upto the bartender and I sat down. I ordered one Sex on The Beach and sipped it when someone whipered in my ear," Thats one of my favorite drinks baby I think I'll get one myself." I shivered the voice was beautiful I looked at the owner of the voice and I got lost in his hazel eyes.

He smirked," Take a picture it lasts longer," he sits down next to me and orders his drink. My heart beat quickens and I find myself lost in his eyes once again. He chuckles as he finishes his drink and finds me still staring at him I look away and I blush. He stands up and pulls me to the danse floor we slowly dance to a slow song. "Baby let me take you home," he asks. I nod and we exit the bar and he helps me into his Range Rover then he walks to the driver's side and he climbs in he drives up to a large building and he sees me eyes and he just laughs. He takes my hand as we ride up the elevator to the top level.

"You are beautiful," he whispers and I blush.

"And you don't look too bad yourself," I reply and he just laughs. He lifts me chin and is about to kiss me when the door opens, he moves his hand and opens the door. We walk in and I gasp his flat was huge I run over to the window of the penthouse like a little girl and stare out at California. He takes my had and leads me up to his beasroom it is even more amazing.

"Woah," I gasp.

"I know I like it to,"he says ," now where were we."

He presses me up against the wall and I ask," What is your name."

" Zayn love," he answered .

"Well Zaynie, my name is Bella nice to meet you," I smirk.

"Nice to meet you Bella, I love your dress but I would really love for it to be on the ground right now," he laughs. H e unzips my strpless dress.




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