The Summer Vacation

Two best friends go on a summer vacation together for the first time and end up meeting some unexpected people. But what will become of their time together in the apartment and how will their friendship fare as Zach and Kenny come into the equation? One things for sure; they won't leave the way they came!


2. Arriving

I never really liked planes. Scrap that, I never liked planes. It scares me just a little during the take off because that's when most accidents seem to happen. I always imagine things that might go wrong and I always have to have the window seat. I tried explaining this to Ellie and she laughed at me mockingly. "You are kidding, right?" She said with upmost confidence. "No, I am not kidding." I snap. "I am being deadly serious, I don't like it." I frown. She pulls at my short, straight dark brown reddy hair and giggles. "I like the isle seat anyway. So long as I can lean on you I really don't mind either way." She teases. "In fact, I love flying. We're going at night anyway so you'll be able to look out the window at the amazing sight of the bright, lit up city below us." I smiled and shoved my bag under my feet. "Yeah, I love that too." I agreed truthfully, grabbing my seatbelt and pulling it across to fasten. Suddenly I felt a kick go into the back of my chair and I blinked irritably. Oh well, don't think about it, everyone accidentally kicks the seat sometime. Bang. There it was again. I started to get a little annoyed at the third. I looked behind me through the seat gap and there was this little boy sat kicking away in boredom. Next to him was his mum. "Um, excuse me?" I said approach-fully. The mum looked up at me, her face tried and worn out. "Little boy, would you mind not kicking my seat?" I asked politely. He frowned at me and kicked harder. I turned onto the mum. "Your kids kicking the back of my chair." I pointed out. She shrugged. "Tommy, stop kicking!" She scolded. He took no attention. "And get your seatbelt on, for gods sake!" The mum snapped. He stopped and turned on his mum to argue, seemingly forgetting to kick me. I turned back round and Ellie started giggling. "Still wanting the widow seat, eh?" I laughed and laid back into my seat. The plane started moving and I pretended to look satisfied. " yay we're off." Ellie smiled, kicking her feet up on the chair in front. We were rapidly onto the runway and I grabbed hold of Ellie's hand. She was sucking on a travel sweet and she looked at me, trying to pull her hand back. "What's wrong with you? You'll be fine." She reassured me defensively.

We sped up, and up again, making me squirm in my seat and close my eyes tightly shut. I could fee the wind blowing against the plastic bottom of the plane beneath my feet and I could sense the sheer speed of which we were travelling. Then I felt as the wheels locked in and we lifted steadily up, seemingly weightless. We continued to climb, up and up into the air, ears popping. I could feel as Ellie placed a travel sweet in my other hand and I quickly threw it in my mouth and sucked tightly. Strawberry flavour, my favourite. We seemed to be coming to a stop in our climb and reaching a level point. I loosened my firm grip on Ellie's hand and opened my eyes. "See?" Ellie was looking at me with concern. "Everything's fine." She reassured. I knew, I always knew, it was just that minor possibility of something going wrong, the unfamiliar feeling of becoming airborne. I nodded in response and looked out the window. The land turned into a dolls play set, the cars growing smaller and the houses turning into mere dots. The dark clouds seemed to scatter and we rose above them, leaving them behind. There was something peaceful about the whole experience, flying above the sky like a bird almost. It felt amazing. Soon we would be down on land, ready to start our amazing vacation.
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