The Summer Vacation

Two best friends go on a summer vacation together for the first time and end up meeting some unexpected people. But what will become of their time together in the apartment and how will their friendship fare as Zach and Kenny come into the equation? One things for sure; they won't leave the way they came!


1. Prologue

My mum hugged me tightly, her light brown hair pretty and wavy on my shoulder. "I am going to miss you so much." She said sadly. "Mum it's fine, trust me. You know how organised Ellie is, right?" I reassured her comfortingly patting her back. She gulped and nodded, drawing herself back. "I am just going to miss you so much, and I know you'll be just fine..." I smiled. "You'll be fine too mum, you can hang out with Roxanne and I'll call and-" "You go." She smiled fondly. "I will be perfectly well here." A car horn honked from outside and I quickly hugged my dad who patted me on the back and grabbed my suitcase. We walked out of the house and dad loaded my suitcase into Ellie's brothers car. "Now you be safe, won't you?" He asked. "I will." I grinned, hugging him tightly one last time. I hopped into the car where Ellie threw her arm around me, her bright blonde hair bouncing and green eyes dazzling. The window went down and I waved to mum and dad as the car sped off down the street. I turned to Ellie and we screamed with excitement. "This is going to be amazing!" She laughed excitedly. "I know! What do you think the hotel will look like?" I asked eagerly. "Nice. Very nice. It's going to be the best vacation ever, you know that?" She said. I nodded and leaned forward to where Mike was driving. "Thanks, Mike." I said. "For what? Driving you guys all the way there for nothing in my spare time?" He laughed. "Yeah." I said. "Not a problem." He nodded. "I am paying him." Ellie sighed, pulling her seatbelt strap. He raised a eyebrow. "You are?" He asked. "Yeah, I am. Or at least I was going to." She frowned, sticking her head out the window. "Your going the complete wrong way." She scowled. "Uh, no I a not. This is a shortcut." He rolled his eyes and loosened his grip on the steering wheel. "It is? It doesn't seem t be getting us there any faster." She teased, leaning forward and ruffling his scruffy blonde hair. "Piss off." He grumbled. She pulled out a tenner and placed it in the cup holder. "I love you, brother." She laughed as she slumped back in her seat. My phone bleeped and I rummaged in my hand luggage to check it. "Who is it?" Ellie asked out of interest, peering over. "Just Hannah and Louise, checking we're ok. I told them we're setting off." She nodded approval. "Nice." She leaned back on me tiredly and I put my arm round her neck friendlily. "This is going to be a long journey." I sighed, allowing my head to lol back on my shoulders and rest on the headrest, staring out the window at the rain wiggling down the window pane.
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