I'm broken do you hear me?


9. What's gonna happen?

Niall's POV
I felt so bad. I can't believe I hurt her again. I honestly can't believe myself. Then by shock Rachel said to me "I forgive you babe." I can't believe it. "Are you serious?" "Yes." She said.
Rachel's POV
Then I turned around to look at the curtain. It said Will You Marry Me cut out. I was absolutely shocked. My eyes started to tear up. I turned around. Niall was on one knee with a clover shaped ring. "Will you marry me Rachel?" He asked me. I love him. In a heart beat I said "Yes Niall! I love you so much." "I love you too!" He said as he out the ring on my finger. I thought it was kinda weird getting married at 19. So I said. "Niall. When are we getting married?" "We're getting married next year, why?" He asked. "I thought it would be kinda weird getting married at 19 years. We'll get married at 20 I like that better." I told him. "Have you picked your bridesmaids?" Niall asked me. I thought I had 5 girls in mind. "Well I was thinking of Vanessa, Louis' ex Eleanor,Arianna's sister Jasmyn,Liam's girlfriend Danielle & Zayn's girlfriend Perrie." I told him. "I have 6 best men in mind. Zayn,Louis,Li--" I cut him off "Niall it's kinda obvious who your gonna pick!" I said to him. "Yes you're right!" He said as he smiled at me. "I'm tired let's watch a movie in bed" I said to him. "Alright!" He replied. He put on a scary movie in. Every time I got scared I'd put my head on his chest and he would hug me. *The Next Day* I woke up and I said "I love you Mr.Horan" "I love you too Mrs.Horan!" He said to me happily.
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