I'm broken do you hear me?


10. Wedding Shopping

Rachel's POV
I was going to a botique to find a dress with Eleanor,Perrie & Danielle. It was hard to find a botique in Ireland because it was a small place. We finally found one though. I first came out with a long white dress on. I hate it. "Ew! Well I mean if you like it." Danielle said. "I hate it!" I yelled. Next time I came out with a beautiful white kind of sparkly knee length dress. I thought it was amazing. This was the dress I wanted to walk down the aisle to my future husband in. Eleanor was the first to speak. "It's beautiful!" She exclaimed. "Yeah! Niall would love it!!" Perrie said. "I like it too!" Danielle said. "Should we get it?" I asked. It was in our price range too. We bought it. Then I went home. The girls came with me.
Niall's POV
I came home. I asked Rachel "How did it work out princess? Soon to be queen" "Amazing. Want to see my dress?" Rachel asked me. "Yes!" I exclaimed. She went with Eleanor, Danielle & Perrie into her walk in closet. I supposed she got changed. Then she came out in a stunning dress. I loved it. She looked beautiful. Now that was my princess. I told her "You are the most beautiful girl in world!" I could tell she was happy. The biggest smile went across her face. I love her. "Thank you! love you!" She said. "I love you more than anything in the world." I told her.
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