I'm broken do you hear me?


13. Truth or dare.......

Niall's POV
It was now 10:45 pm. We weren't tired at all. "TRUTH OR DARE!" Louis screamed. I can tell he looked awfully devious. So Louis went first. "Uh... Niall truth or dare?" Louis asked. "Dare!" I said. "I dare you & Rachel to do..." He said well grinning. I knew what he meant so did Rachel. I felt happy. So I screamed "YES!" She smiled at me. "Come come my lady." I said. She came and grabbed my hand as we walked into our room in the hotel and got on the bed.
*1 hour later*
We come out breathing heavily and her shirts on backwards so is mine. We're just standing there like smiling like idiots. "Ew! They really did it!" Harry said. "In a hotel!" Zayn shouted. Next it was my turn. "Rach. Truth or dare?" I asked her. "Ummmm... Truth." She said. I thought. "Who do you like the best in here? Besides me of course." I asked. "ARIANNA!' She said. I chuckled. She is adorable. Next was her turn to ask someone.
Rachel's POV
I am going to pick Ari and make her make out with Louis for dare or make her admit who she fancies. "Ari, truth or dare?" I asked. "Truth." She said. "Who do you fancy?" I asked. I looked over at Liam who seemed to be starring at her. "I...I... Kinda like Louis." She said saying Louis really fast. 'Ooooooo." Everybody was saying. I looked at Liam again who had a year rolling down his cheek. I sat next to him. "What's wrong Liam?' I asked him. "I'm not saying." "GUYS THAT'S THE END OF THE GAME!" Niall yelled. "Wait here Liam." I said. I walked you behind Niall. Hugging him from behind. "Oh. Hey pretty lady." Niall spoke as he kissed my cheek. "I'm gonna be with Liam for a while. I'll be in our room soon, ok?" I said. "Alright princess." He said as I pecked his lips. I walk back to Liam. "So what's wrong Liam?' I asked. "Well... I used to like you but I had to back off because I know you like Niall. So then I backed off and i developed feelings for Ari. Then when she admitted her feelings for Louis today. It killed me.' Liam said. He was quietly sobbing.
I was wiping his tears. "It's alright Liam. You'll find a girl one day that is your princess don't worry."
I told him. He hugged me.
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