I'm broken do you hear me?


8. Then Rachel remembers something else

Once me & Niall got home I saw a picture of Niall with a really pretty girl called Demi Lovato I think... Then I remember that's the girl I thought Niall cheated on me with! And in the picture they were kissing on the lips. "Niall?" I calmly asked. "Yes princess" "When did you take this picture?" "Not that long ago" he said. Them he realized what he just said. I cried knowing he lied to me and I believed it. Then I took my phone and called Arianna's number knowing she'll help me. I get her answering machine. Why didn't she pick up? She always does. Then I remember. Oh yeah she's dead. Of course she is. I didn't know what to do with my life now. I called my sister. "Hello?" "Hi" 'What's up?" "You know how Niall "didn't cheat on me?" "Yes" "I just got home and looked at a picture of him and that girl kissing ON THE LIPS!" "What if that was a long time ago?" "He said he took it not that long ago" "what??" "He lied to me and I believed him! I still love him I don't know what to do. I'm so confused. What should I do?"I asked. "Do what feels right" "But I need help." I murmured. "You need help from your heart." "Ok bye I love you" "love you too" she said and hung up. I need to use my heart. This was hard because I felt like Ari was my heart! She helped me through everything. Now that she's dead. I feel like my life's dead. I miss her so much. I whispered "Arianna? Tell me what to do! I love you" I felt broken. Then something inside me said give him another chance. If you don't your reparded! That was a joke me & Arianna made up! She really is still with me
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