I'm broken do you hear me?


16. Telling the boys

Rachel's POV
We had gone to the doctors 2 days ago. We got our DNA test results back today. It was in a letter and I read out loud "Dear Miss.Linthorne, your baby is doing great. Mother: Rachel Susan Linthorne Father: Niall James Horan gender: female. You are 2 months in so your due date in August 16th. Thank You. Doctors."
I squealed. Niall hugged me. "I really didn't think the mother was going to be me. I also didn't think the father would be you." I said sarcastically. He laughed his amazing laugh. "So shall we call the boys?" He asked. "Yes! I'll call Harry & Louis and tell them to come over along with Vanessa." "I'll call Zayn & Liam and tell them to bring alone Perrie." He said. I picked up my cell phone and went to my contacts HAZZA! It rang. "Hello?" "Hey Harry!" "How are you?" "I'm great. Can you come over... Now?" "Yeah. Why?" "Don't ask so many questions. Just come over." I said as I ended the call. Next was Louis & Vanessa. I looked through my contacts SUPERMAAANNN! It rang. "Hey Rach." "Hey Lou!" "What's up?" "I'm just talking to you.can you and Vanessa come over...NOW?" "Yeah. We're coming now." Louis said as I hung up. "I got Lou,Hazza & Vanessa." I told him.
"I got Zayn,Liam & Perrie." He said. "Now how are we out to tell them?" Niall asked. "Uhhh. How about we go swimming. Then they'll see the baby bump. I'll probably be eating a lot & getting sick & I'll say I'm fat and they'll probably eventually catch on." I said. "Alright hun." He said. In 5 min. Harry, Louis & Vanessa knocked on the door. I let them in. "Hey." I said as I greeted them with hugs. Next to come were Liam, Zayn & Perrie. "Can we go swimming?" I pleaded winking at Niall. "Yeah let's go!" We went out. I eat a lot more than usual. Then they all looked at me like they knew something was up. "What's up with you?" Liam asks. "Guess." I asked. They all waited in silence for 5 min thinking. Then all of the sudden "YOUR PREGNANT!" Harry yelled. "Yeah. No duh." I said. "Yay!!!" They all shouted. They hugged me and Niall. "It's a girl." I said. "Great!"
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