I'm broken do you hear me?


11. Shocker.

Rachel's POV
I started to flutter my eyes open. Beside me I see Arianna. We're on a plane. I hugged her. I am so happy to see her. What the heck. I just hugged her so tight. "What's wrong?" She asked me. "I just had the scariest dream. Where we got of the plane and got into a crash and you died." I said sobbing. "Then?" She said. "Then I saw my sister and Niall. I forgot about him cheating on me and when I got home a picture of him kissing her and then I forgave him and he proposed and. Went wedding shopping and I kept crying beacause I missed you. Then I woke up!" I said. I was still crying. "Calm down! It's alright." Ari said while running my back. 20 minutes later the plane landed.
Niall's POV
I was watching for a girl who had brown hair & a girl with black. They both had blue and green braces. Just when I looked up I saw a girl running up to me and jumping on me. Se hugged me like there was no tomorrow. "I love you" she whispered. I knew that voice anywhere it was Rachel. "I love you too!" I said. "How was your flight?"I asked her while still hugging "Good. But I had a really bad dream. I'll tell you about it when we get in the car. By the way I forgive you. Even if you did cheat I love you too much to let you go!" She said to me. I was so happy. Then she finally jumped off me. Then I looked at Arianna. "Hey Ari!" I said to her. "Hey Nialler!" She said back to me.
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