I'm broken do you hear me?


7. She doesn't know who I am!

Niall's POV.
"Maybe you could tell me some stuff we did and I'll remember like when Vanessa told me who she was and I remembered who Arianna was." She said to me. "Well... If you are going to remember anything it's this. One time me & you had a water ballon fight in the pool. We were swimming. We did shoulder wars with Eleanor & Louis. And we got knocked over and we kissed under the water" I said. Well a tear ran down my face. I missed the good times we had.
Rachel's POV
I remembered Niall! I love him. The last memory I have of us was on the phone talking sweetly. And I was also,thinking Jeez this guys cries a lot. "Can we go home Smiler Nialler?" I smiled while looking at him. "I love you" I said to him. "I love you too" he said to me. Then I hugged him. "So can we go home?" I asked. "Of course princess. I'm just gonna tell the doctor we're leaving. And ask for a wheelchair for you." He told me. "Alright" I said. As Vanessa came over and sat on the arm wrest on my wheelchair "so what are we doing now?" She asked me. "Going home" I replied. Then I told her "I love Niall so much! He is the best boyfriend ever!" "That's great!" Vanessa said cheerfully. "Do you have a boyfriend?" "Yes. I do! It's Niall's best friend Louis. Do you remember?"
"Yes! The funny guy who likes girls who eat carrots!" I said to Vanessa. "Yes!" She said to me while laughing! After that Niall came back. He smiled at me I noticed head those things on his teeth too! Just like Arianna! Just then I noticed I have them too. Me and Arianna had matching blue & green ones. Niall just had plain white ones.
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