I'm broken do you hear me?


4. Plane Crash

Niall's POV
I can't believe this! "Could you at least say where the plane landed?" I asked the flight attendant. "Canada, around Toronto." She told me. I was still crying. "I'm very very sorry sir." She said.
I called Liam. "Hi Niall why are you crying?" Liam asked me. "Rachel she might be dead. Same with Arianna." I said to Liam. "How?" Liam asked."Plane crash" I said to Liam. "Can I come over when you get home?" Liam said. " Course you can" I told him. When I got home I called Liam and told him to come over. We talked about what happened. Then I called Vanessa and told her she cried so hard and she screamed. Then she said through her tears "mom has a locater chip in her can find her like that. I'll track her down now." "Thank you so much" "she is in the Niagara Hospital. "I'm flying there" "I don't think you should take a PLANE after what just happened you dummy" Vanessa said. "I can't drive though" "I can! You can come with me" Vanessa suggested. "Alright" "I'll pick you up in 15" "bye" I said. 15 min later she picked me up. She already had directions. We sat in silence for the whole ride there which was like 5 hours. Once we got there we asked the doctors if we could go see them. They asked how do we know her. I said "I'm her close friend Niall" Then Vanessa said "I'm her sister" "Ok right this way" the doctor guided us to her room. "Is she dead?" I asked the doctor. "No.But she has some serious injuries." "What kinds?" Vanessa asked. "Before I say how do you two know the girl?" "I'm Vanessa Linthorne her blood sister" Vanessa said. "I'm Niall Horan. Her close friend" "alright,she has a really bad concussion, broke her legs wand sprained her wrist. She may never recover from her concussion. Her legs and wrist will heal soon though." The doctor explained to us. Right after that Rachel woke up.
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