I'm broken do you hear me?


19. New family!

Niall's POV
We just left the hospital. I loved my little girl. Rachel did too. I couldn't help by let my tears of joy fall. I am so happy to be a father. "I love you." I told Rachel. "Love you too!" She exclaimed. I kissed her with passion.
*2 days later* Rachel's POV
Today was the day I finally get to take Ellie home! Me and Niall were driving to the doctors. We checked in. We walked in our room and saw little Ellie. "She's doing amazing. You may take her home." The doctors told us. "Alright thank you so much." I said to the doctor. Me and Niall took her and left. As soon as we get outside all I hear is cameras. Of course they found us the paparazzi. They came up to us and were yelling stuff like "RACHEL! IS SHE YOURS?" "HOW OLD IS SHE?" "DID YOU JUST HAVE HER NOW?' Ellie started crying. Most likely of the noise. Me and Niall were thinking the same thing. "EVERYONE SHUT UP. SHE'S A BABY! GET OUT!" Niall yelled. We quickly got into the car. Ellie stopped crying. The next turn was the street to our house. Home!
Niall just kept going straight. "Ni? Where are we going?" I asked. "Not telling." He said grinning.
He put a blindfold on me and 20 min later he took it off. We were at the beach! The one I loved!
I got out holding Ellie. Nobody was there. In the sand there was a message. "Will you marry me?" It said. I turned around to Niall with a diamond ring shaped as a clover on 1 knee. "Will you?"
He asked. I was so shocked. I almost dropped Ellie. "YES!!!!" I yelped. "Really? Niall asked.
"Yes! Of course I love you more than anything." I said. "I love you too!" He exclaimed.
"Let's make a promise right here, right now." He said. "What's the promise?" I asked.
"We will never stop loving each other." He explained. "I will never stop loving you. I promise!"
"I will never stop loving you. No matter what!" Niall said. We were all so happy.
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