I'm broken do you hear me?


22. Moving out, moving in.

Rachel's POV
Yes today was 2 days before Christmas. I barley have any shopping done and it's my birthday today too. Ellie is at Niall & i's house with Liam and Niall is with me we're shopping. "So what do you have for Ellie so far?" Niall asked. "I have a bunch if little stuff for her stalking and I have 1 big one." I told him. "Which is..?" Niall asked; "it's for you AND Ellie so I'm not telling!" I said. "Not fair!" He pouted. "Oh suck it up!" I said as we walked into a Barbie store. I found this top that said 'I love Barbie!' And on the back it said Y/N so you could get it customized. So I brought up to the counter. "What would you like on the back?" The lady asked. "I'm a Barbie girl! -Ellie" Niall said. She was starring at Niall and looking at him. I was kinda pissed off. She was telling the people to make the shirt. I just walked away because I couldn't stand that thing that was drooling over MY boyfriend. They were talking and I saw her give him a piece of paper.
Niall's POV
The lady there was a blond with blue eyes she looked a bit like Rachel because she has long wavy brown hair and blue eyes. She was saying stuff but I wasn't listening. She finished the shirt and I left but I felt something in my back pocket. I wasn't really concerned.
*3 hours later* Rachel's POV
I'm still angry about that thing at the store. We were now at home with my aunt,mom,cousin,nephew & niece. It's a family tradition that we all get together and my sister is here too! Everybody was with Ellie, my niece Olivia & my nephew Tristan. Me and Niall were wrapping presents and hiding them. After we finished I told Niall to go upstairs because I had to get my gift. It was a new puppy. She was a chocolate lab my favourite kind of dog. How was I going to hide her? AHA! I have my old dog's cage who passed away a few years ago I miss her that's why i got a new puppy and Ellie & Niall have been begging for one since we moved in together. So now yeah... I hid the puppy and gave her food. Then I went upstairs to Niall who was changing his shirt. "Hey abs." I said. He turned around "oh hey pretty lady" he spoke. "Hi!" I yelped
"Let's go sit on the bed." He suggested. "WAIT I FORGOT YOUR BIRTHDAY PRESENT!" Niall yelled. "You didn't need to get me anything babe." He was on one knee with 2 rings. I teared up. "One. This is a promise ring that you promise you'll never break up with me no matter what." He said as he put the ring on my finger. "Two. Will you marry me, again?" "Yes." I said. We payed down on the bed I wanted my phone to go on twitter but I was to lazy to get it. So I went in Niall's front pocket. "Nope." He said knowing what I was looking for. Then I went into his other front pocket. "Nope." Then he turned around. I went into his back pocket. "Nope." He laughed and I went into his last pocket and finally found his phone along with a piece of paper. I took them both out. "I finally found it!" I said to Niall. "yay!" We cheered. I put his phone down and looked at the paper. It said 'call me ***-***-**** maybe you can rock me, rock me,rock me yeah like summer 09'
-Girl at the store.' "Niall what is this?' I asked. He read it. "I don't know. She just slipped it in my pocket. Please believe me."I believe you. Plus remember the promise ring?" I giggled. "Yes I do." Niall said well grinning and planting a big kiss right on my lips. Best birthday ever!
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