I'm broken do you hear me?


20. I'm broken.

Rachel's POV
Me and Niall were finally getting married and we have our baby and nothing could possibly go wrong... I thought. "Princess?" Niall asked. "Yeah?" "I'm gonna go out to see the boys. To celebrate." "Alright see ya." Niall walked there and I put Ellie in her seat and I drove off. I was really tired. Ellie was asleep so I took her in my arms and went inside. I sat on the couch. We both dozed off. I woke up and it was almost 10 I wanted to go check on Niall. But I couldn't have Ellie go. So I called Vanessa. "Hello?" "Hey!" "How are you? How's the baby girl?" "I'm great and so is she. She's asleep right now. Niall's out and he's been out for a long time so I'm gonna go see him. Can you watch her?" "Of course. I'll be there in 5." "Ok bye." "Bye!" 5 min later Vanessa came. "Hey!" I exclaimedc "hi. Now where's my baby girl?' She said. "She's MY baby girl. She's upstairs in her crib." "She walked upstairs. "BYE" I shouted. "BYE!" She shouted back. I knew they would be at Harry's house. I drove to his house. I knocked on the door and it was opend by Eleanor. "Hey!" She shouted over the loud music. "Hey. Is this a party?" I asked. "Yeah. Everyone's here. Why weren't you?" She asked. "Niall said he was going out to see the guys and he didn't invite me." I yelled. "Come in and we'll find Niall and me,you,Danielle & Perrie can party!" Eleanor said. She brightened the mood. "Alright!' Walked in with Eleanor to Danielle & Perrie. "Congrats. I heard your married and the new baby." Danielle said as she hugged me. "Thank You Danielle!" I said. "Well lets go find Niall!" Eleanor suggested. "Yeah!" I said. "What?" Perrie asked. Me and Eleanor explained as we looked. Then we heard something. "Oooooooo. Niall! Harder!" We heard someone scream. Tears came to my eyes as I held them back. It came from the bedroom. Danielle was about to open the door when Eleanor stopped her. "I don't think we should go in there." Eleanor said. "We have to.It's for Rachel." Danielle said. I was still holding in my tears. Danielle opened it. We saw Niall and Demi in the bed naked. "WHAT THE F**K NIALL!" Eleanor yelled at him. "I hate you." I whispered and ran away. I heard Niall yell. "WAIT RACHEL!" I just ran faster I could tell he was running after me. I accidentally ran I to Liam. "I'm sorry Liam." I stuttered through tears. "Wait what happened?" He asked. Perrie answered for me. "We walked on Niall and Demi Lovato doing it!" "Oh my god!" Are you ok?" Liam asked. I couldn't get anything out so I just shook my head. I ran downstairs. "What happened?" Harry asked. Eleanor explained. He opend his arms I ran right into them. Then I went home and Danielle and Eleanor came. We drove home in silence. Once we got home I saw Vanessa and a crying baby. She was about to leave when she asks "are you alright? What happened?" I took Ellie and calmed her well I told Vanessa everything. "You should leave now it's getting late." I said. "Bye." She said as she left. "Where am I gonna go?" I whispered. "You could come love with me in my house." Eleanor said. "Really? Thank you!" I said. "Anything for you dear." Danielle went home so Eleanor helped pack our stuff and o saw a picture on mp our dresser in a glass frame and it was on our 2 month anniversary. We only had 1 copy but we could get more. It was our favourite picture of us. Eleanor was still packing. Well I was just standing here starring at the picture. I couldn't take it any longer. I picked it up and smashed it. The glass broke but the picture didn't so I took it and ripped it up. I cried.
"It's ok." Eleanor said. "Let's go." I told her we got our stuff and the baby and left once we got there I set up her crib and put her on there. She fell right asleep. "Go to sleep." Eleanor said as she showed me my room. "Thank you." I told her. "Anytime." She said. I got into the bed. I felt a little bit better. I looked at my hand and saw the ring and I took it off and threw it off. "I'm broken."
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