I'm broken do you hear me?


12. I love him

Rachel's POV
I told Niall about the dream. The rest of the way to the hotel was silent. Once we got out of the car and into the hotel 4 boys came running at me. "HELLO!!!!" They all yelled. "Hey boys!" I exclaimed. "Can we go swimming ?" I whispered in Niall's ear. "Here? Now?" "Yes at the pool here and in like a hour I have to eat." It was 9:30 pm. I haven't eaten since 1:00 pm. Such a long time.
"Breakfast for dinner?" I asked. "What will you make?" Louis asked. "Pancakes." I said.
"YES!" Louis screeched. They love when I make pancakes because I always put a little cake mix in so it tastes way better. I started cooking 10 min later I finished. It was really good. I admired my own cooking!
Niall's POV
I watched Rachel as she made the pancakes. She looked amazing well making them. I love her. I wanted to go up to her and start making out. We were going home in 2 months we will then.
I am so happy right now to be with her. She finishes making the pancakes and then gives them to us. They were so good. "These are amazing as always babe." I told her. She grinned huge.
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