I'm broken do you hear me?


21. I can't take it.

*6 years later* Rachel's POV
I haven't seen Niall in 6 years. I miss him so much. I see him on the cover of every magazine. I always think about him. He said, "I'm never having another girlfriend. I had my princess. I'm never letting her go." On 99.9 radio. The promise we made I will never stop loving you. I might just have to let go but I can't I love him too much. I was in my room crying when 6 year old Ellie came in. "Can I have a---What's wrong momma?" She asked. "I miss daddy." I simply said. "Can I meet him? Can you take me to see him?" She asked. "Of course babe." I told her as she gave me a big bear hug. "I love you momma." She said to me. "I love you too baby girl." I said as I kissed her on the cheek. I remembered her birthday at the hospital when me and Niall kissed her cheeks at the same time. Oh gosh I really miss him. I called Harry. "Hello?" "Hey. It's Rachel you might not remember me." "I would never forget you. What's up?" "Well I found myself crying today." "Why?" "I miss Niall so much." "He misses you to." "Ellie walked in on me crying she asked why I said cause I miss dad a d she asked if she could see him." "Come over! He's at my house now!!" "Ok be there soon bye." "Bye." Then Ellie came running out. "Am I meeting Daddy?" She asked. "Yes babe you are."
Niall's POV
Harry picked up the phone this is what I heard "hello?...I would never forget you what's up?...Why...He misses you too...Come over he's at my house now...bye" could he have been talking to Rachel? I miss her.... "Who was that?" I asked. "Surpise!" Harry told just then I see a blue Honda pull into Harry's drive way. Who could've that been. It was 2 girls one looked my age and the other was about 5. The bigger one came in with her hands over her face and hugged Harry so did the little girl. She asked her mom something and she nodded. The girl walked over to me and asked "Daddy?" "Ellie?" I asked. "Yes." She said. "OH MY GOD RACHEL!" I said as I ran up to her. Her arms were opend wide. But I didn't go for a hug I went for a kiss. She kissed back. "EW!" Little Ellie screamed. We laughed. "I never stopped loving you... I kept the promise." She told me. "I kept it too." I told her. "I really missed you!" She cried. I opend my arms and she came in them. "Be mine... Again?" I asked. "3 words 8 letters say them like you mean it and I'm yours."
She said. "I love you." I told her. "I'M YOURS!" She yelled. I smiled and she laughed. "I missed your smile!" She told me. "I missed your face." I told her then Ellie came over to us. "Mommy? Are we gonna live with daddy?" She asked. "Yes!" She said to her. "I love you daddy." Ellie said. "I love you too little lady." I said to her. "I have to go back to El's. meet you at our house at 7?" Rachel asked. "Ok. Have all your stuff princess." I told her. "I will." She said. "C'mon Ellie." She yelled across the house. "Can I stay with dad?" She asked. "Sure babe." Rachel replied. "Wait Nialler is that ok?" Rachel asked me. "Of course. First dad & daughter day!" I yelled in excitement. Rachel came over and gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Bye babe." She said. "Bye princess." I told her. "I love you!" She yelled."I love you too!" I yelled back. Then she went over to Ellie. "Bye baby girl. Be good for daddy." She told her. "I will Mummy. Bye I love you." "Love you too." She said as she kissed Ellie on the cheek. Then she left.
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