I'm broken do you hear me?


5. How's Arianna?

Rachel's POV
I saw this strange girl coming near me. She hugged me. I didn't know her. I said "who are you?" "I'm your sister Vanessa" I remembered her. I thought of the time me and this girl and 1 other girl were at my house. I remember Vanessa's long curly brown hair. And the other girl had long black hair with pink streaks. With blue things on her teeth. I think her name was Arianna. Suddenly I felt like something was missing I got scared and I screamed. "What's wrong?" Vanessa asked trying to calm me down. "WHERE'S ARIANNA?" I yelled panicking. "I don't know. We'll find her for you" "Ok" I said trying to calm down.
Niall's POV
We went out to go see the doctor. "What happened I heard her scream?" The doctor asked. "I think she had a mini panic attack" Vanessa said. "Why?" The doctor asked. "Her best friend Arianna she didn't know where she was they're always together and she got scared cause she didn't know where she was." I explained. "She is here. In this room" the doctor said. "Can she see her?" I asked. "Yes" the doctor said.
Rachel's POV
My sister came back. She asked me "Would you like to see Arianna?" "Yes!" I said. We walked in. I saw her I was so happy. I missed her. "So what's wrong with her? A strange blond headed boy asked the doctor. "Well she's..." To be continued
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