I'm broken do you hear me?


3. Headed to America

Niall's POV
I'm so happy I finally get to see my princess!!!! I'm so glad I called her! I'm calling the rest of the boys! I called Liam first. "Hey buddy, how are you doing?" Liam asked me. "AMAZING" I squealed like a girl. "What. Did you finally move on?" Liam said. "NO! RACHEL SHE'S COMING HERE TO SEE ME! SHE'S GIVING ME 2 WEEKS TO WIN HER BACK!!!" I yelled into the phone. "Oh my god really??? I miss her so much" Liam said. "I'm picking her up in the 8:30 tomorrow morning."
"Bring her over ASAP alright?" "Yes sir!" I said as he hung up.
*next morning*
Rachel's POV
It was so early I didn't want to get up but Arianna woke me up. She was coming with me. Once we got to the airport we got on the plane. After 30 min we started going straight down really fast before I knew everything was black.
Niall's POV
*4 hours later*
"We have a tragedy" said the people who were managing the flight. "What was it?" People were asking. I just sat there and was thinking what happened where's Rachel? "The plane... It got into a crash. We don't know who survived and who is dead. We are very,very,very sorry" the flight managers said. Most people had tears dripping down their face. I was sobbing... Maybe when I said I would never see her again. It was right....
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