I'm broken do you hear me?


15. Doctors

Niall's POV
I wake up it's already 9:30. "GET UP!" I yell to Rachel. "A pregnant lady needs her sleep!" She mumbled. "Doctors in a hour in a half babe" I reminded her. "Shoot! I'm gonna make breakfast pancakes." She said. She finished making them we eat then I got dressed. In a casual Niall outfit.
Rachel's POV
I got dressed and put on some makeup. I came out with a 1D dress & Niall Horan earrings. For makeup I came out with purple mascara, bright pink lip gloss & blue eye shadow to much my dress. Leaving my hair so the curls just fall nicely. "Wow. You look beautiful." Niall said. "Thank You Mr.Horan." I replied smiling. It was now 10:30 and it takes us 20 min to get there. We let and we got to the doctors in 20 min. We waited for 10 min in silence then the doctors called "Miss.Linthorne" I went over. They gave me one of those things where your butts stick out and told my to put it on. I went to change and Niall came with me. He helped me pull off my dress and put on the thing. I walked out as they escorted Niall & I to the room. "Thank you ma'am." I said as she left. "Hello!" The doctor greeted us. "Hi!" I said. "You must be Miss.Linthorne." He said. "Yes. That's me!" I said as we shuck hands. "You must be Mr.Horan?" "Yes." Niall said as he shuck her hand. "Mr.Horan you may stay here if you wish or take a seat over there." She said as she pointed out the waiting area. "I'll stay here." Niall said proudly as he grinned at me. "Alright let's get on with it. Miss.Linthorne please lay down here and lift up your dress thing so I can see your stomach." She said. "Alright!" I said as I lifted it up. Then she put the gel stuff on my belly. It was really cold. Then she started rubbing it with the thing. It showed my baby on the screen. "Your baby is doing great!" The doctor told me. "Is it a boy or girl?" I asked. "It's a girl." She said. Niall looked happy. I was really happy I wanted a girl! After that she let us leave. I went to get changed. Then I came out and me and Niall left. "I'm so happy!" Niall said to me well hugging me. "Me too!" I exclaimed. He cried of tears of joy. "I love you." He said as he bubbled my belly. Then he kissed me
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