I'm broken do you hear me?


23. Christmas

2 days later Niall's POV

It's Christmas today. I bought Ellie a huge barbie doll. I bought Rachel and I a new house she's gonna love it. Me and Rachel just woke up by Ellie jumping on us! "MOMMY! DADDY! GET UP! THERE'S LIKE 1000 PRESENTS FROM SANTA!" Ellie screamed "Alright we're up." Rachel said in her adorable morning voice. "Good morning babe." She said to me. "Morning hun" I replied. She hoped out of bed. "I'm gonna make some coffee to wake us up. What kind do you want babe?" She asked. "Do we have pumpkin spice?" I asked. "It's Christmas not Halloween! Do you want a peppermint mocha?" She chuckled. "yes." I said. "Hurry up mum!" Ellie yelled. She finished making coffee for everyone. "Race downstairs mum,dad?" "Alright baby girl." Rachel said. We all ran downstairs. Ellie was fast she for sure got that from her mom. I remember seeing her at track and field and her running threw 100 meter and coming 1st place. We walked in the basement living room. Ellie took her stalking and sat down and looked up. "Open it." Rachel said. Ellie smiled and put her hand in the bag she pulled out a note. "Mommy read this" Ellie said. Rachel took it and sat next Ellie. It said Dear Ellie. You have been a very good girl this year. I am very proud. I eat the cookies you laid out for me. I love you very much. Love Santa. "Mom?" Ellie asked. "Yes?" "Can I open my stalking now?" She asked."Of course!" Rachel replied. Then she walked over to me and sat beside me. "Did you make that?" I asked. "It was the magic of Santa" She said smiling. She rested her head on my shoulder as Ellie finished her stalking. Then I walked by the tree and gave Ellie her present from me. She tore the wrapping paper off. As soon as she saw the barbie she looked so happy. "Thank You Dad" Ellie said well hugging me."Your welcome sweetie!" I said.   Rachel's POV

I was about to get Ellie's present. "Niall give her some other presents well I get mine!" I whisperd to Niall. Ellie went over to my Mom. "Grandma what do you have for me?" She asked. Then I went to go get the puppy. She was in a box so when Ellie opend it se would jump out. I got the box and brought it in the box. On the tag it said 'For Dad and Ellie From Mom' I passed the box to Ellie. She was about to take the top off but she couldn't so Niall went over and opend it for her an te puppy jumped out. Ellie's face filled with joy. Ellie picked up the puppy. "I love her!" Ellie said. "Me too!" Niall exclaimed. "Thanks mom!" Ellie said. "Your welcome baby!" I said giving her a hug. "Thanks Mom!" Niall yelled. "Your welcome babe." I said giving him a kiss and hug. Then Ellie opend all her other presents. "Our turn!!!!" Niall yelled. I walked up to my stalking and brought beside Niall and we sat down. "Open it!" Niall said to me. I put my hand into it and pulled out a picture I looked at it and itwas our 2 month anniversary picture! The one I smashed it was taped. I looked at it and I was so happy. "Thank You Nialler!" I almost screamed. "Your welcome!" He also yelled. Niall also pulled out a picture. It was a picture of a baby inside someone's stomach. Niall looked up. "What is this?" Niall asked. "Niall I'm pregnant." I told him biting my lip. "YAY!" He yelled. He almost started to cry. "Congrats!" The rest of my familuy said. "Thank You!" I said. "Now lets open our other stuff!" I said. "Sure." Niall said. Then he blindfolded me and took me outside. "We almost there?" I asked. "Yes." Niall answerd. He unblindfolded me and when i opend my eyes there was a HUGE house infront of me. I screamed! There was a present infront of the house along with a note. Niall took the note he read it. Then he looked upset. "What is it?" I asked. "Nothing..." Niall replied nervous. "Niall what the hell is it?" I said taking it out of his hand. It said. 'I'm pregnant you're the father. -Demi' I could smack him right now I didnt know what to do so I ran home and took out a raiser and started cutting really deep and soon enough everything was black.


THE END! YesI'm making a sequel.

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